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List of Printed Material

Title Author Pages
A Guide to Find the True Church Michael G. Urangikor 12
A Reply to a Denominational Preacher Guy V. Caskey 65
A Reply to a Jehovah's Witness Guy V. Caskey 79
A Reply to a Mormon William L. Hearn 71
A Reply to a Moslem Guy V. Caskey 34
A Reply to an Adventist Guy V. Caskey 111
A Reply to Teaching on Infant Baptism Dessain Terry 16
A Virgin Shall Conceive & Bear a Son Guy V. Caskey 8
Alcohol and Drug Abuse David Caskey 15
And When They Had Prayed Guy V. Caskey 31
Broadmindedness L.R. Wilson 11
Why I Am a Member of the Lord's Church Tirey G. Samsill 8
By What Authority Doest Thou These Things Guy V. Caskey 26
Bible References (Bookmark) N/A N/A
Christian Faithfulness Guy V. Caskey 14
Do–It–Yourself Bible Study Robin Wolfe 47
Do Not Forsake the Assembly Guy V. Caskey 8
Do This in Remembrance of Me Guy V. Caskey 11
From Catholic Nun to New Testament Christian Joanne Howe 28
From My Heart to Yours Maxie B. Boren 51
God's Fierce Anger Dave Miller 7
Good News for You Bill Minick 4
Sin, Guilt and Salvation Dwight Whitsett 5
Grace and Works John Bannister 8
Guilt Kenneth W. Greene 14
Having Appointed Elders Guy V. Caskey 14
He Shall Tell Thee Words Guy V. Caskey 419
How Readest Thou? Guy V. Caskey 40
How to Set Up a Church in Your Home Cline R. Paden 20
I Will Send You the Spirit of Truth Guy V. Caskey 47
If Therefore the Whole Church Guy V. Caskey 52
Is Baptism Necessary Guy V. Caskey 9
The Essentiality of Baptism David Tappe 4
Is There a Sure Way to Heaven? K.P. Patridge 10
Jesus Loves Us Series: God Takes Care of His Children Odeal Pearcy 58
Jesus Loves Us Series: God's Creation Odeal Pearcy 54
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus and His Covenant Odeal Pearcy 50
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus, Our Friend Odeal Pearcy 49
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus, Our Leader Odeal Pearcy 34
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus, Our Savior Odeal Pearcy 43
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus, Our Teacher Odeal Pearcy 30
Jesus Loves Us Series: Jesus, the Son of God Odeal Pearcy 36
Jesus Loves Us Series: Teacher's Guide Odeal Pearcy 98
Let Me Tell You About Jesus and His Church Art Haddox 84
Some Things You Should Know About Jesus and His Church Taken from the Gospel Minutes 4
Let's Reconsider Reincarnation David Lusk 19
Licentiousness: A Variety of Sins Guy V. Caskey 30
Polygamy vs. God's Way Dwight Whitsett 9
Religious Questions, Biblical Answers Guy V. Caskey 24
Restoring the New Testament Church Paul McClung 12
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth Guy V. Caskey 6
God Called Them Christians Guy V. Caskey 9
Shepherding the Sheep Harold (Rusty) Russwurm 32
Since A.D. 33 W.L. Oilphant 6
Removing the Ancient Landmarks Eldred L. Echols 9
Sing and Make Melody Guy V. Caskey 12
Song Books N/A 100 songs
The Christian in the Church Guy V. Caskey 52
The Christian Increases Christians from Farmington, NM 40
The Churches of Christ: Who Are These People?1 Joe R. Barnett 12
The Cross of Christ Avon Malone 16
The Crucifixion of Jesus Douglas Leatherman, M.D. 8
The Death of Christ Johnny Ramsey 7
The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin Guy V. Caskey 377
The Fellowship of Love Kenneth W. Greene 8
The High Cost of Sin Johnny Ramsey 15
The Lord's Supper Harold (Rusty) Russwurm 8
The Loveliness of Jesus Johnny Ramsey 12
The Message of the New Testament Johnny Ramsey 11
The One True and Living God Odeal Pearcy 16
The Overcomers (Revelation) Mike Hadwin 228
The Plan of Salvation (Tri–fold) N/A N/A
The Rejected But Victorious Jesus Odeal Pearcy 16
The Sacrificial System Gerald Paden 135
The Tabernacle Charles McKnight 18
The Value of Being a Christian Johnny Ramsey 11
To Give is God-like Harold (Rusty) Russwurm 10
What All Mankind Should Know David Caskey 21
What Every “New” Christian Should Know David Caskey 8
What Every Christian Should Know David Caskey 37
What is the Church of Christ? Guy V. Caskey 12
What the Christian Woman Can Do in the Church Guy V. Caskey 12
What Was the Purpose of Miracles? Guy V. Caskey 7
Can You Speak in Tongues? Jerome Savage 7
When the Last Curtain Falls Johnny Ramsey 8
Why I Left the Baptist Church Grover Stevens 36
Why I Left the Catholic Church Joseph C. Malone 40
Why I Left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Henry Seidmeyer 15
Why I Left the Methodist Church Claude B. Holcomb 21
Why I Left the Nazarene Church Waymon D. Miller 20
Why Not Be a Moslem? Guy V. Caskey 28
Why Not Just the Bible? anonymous Nigerian Evangelist 8
Zealously Religious but Without God & E.G. Josiah 5
How Can I Find the Right Church? Prince Nweke Sylvanus 6

1Due to an agreement with the author, Mission Printing only provides this book outside the United States. You may contact the author, Joe R. Barnett, Houston, TX, if you need the material. We are sorry for the inconvenience.