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What Must I Do To Be Saved?

What Must I Do To Stay Saved?

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How Must I Worship So As To Please God?

What The New Testament Says About God's Forgiveness

Bible References

Here, you will find religious tracts that adhere strictly to the word of God as found in The Holy Bible. You are welcome to read these online or, if you like, download them and read them off line. All of these publications may be printed and used as desired as long as they are not sold and are not modified in any way.

To read the publication on line, click on the publication name in the Publications Index below. The publication will open in a new window ready for viewing. Each publication may also be downloaded in two formats. To dowload in Microsoft Word format, click on the "DOC" title after the publication name. The publications are also available in PDF format. PDF requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge here. Click on the "PDF" title after the publication name to download the publication in PDF format.

Publications Index

A Guide to Find the True Church DOC 60kb PDF 48kb
A Reply to a Denominational Preacher DOC 346kb PDF 506kb
A Reply to a Jehovah's Witness DOC 261kb PDF 519kb
A Reply to a Mormon DOC 1.4mb PDF 1.2mb
A Reply to an Adventist DOC 401kb PDF 725kb
A Reply to Teaching on Infant Baptism DOC 102kb PDF 138kb
A Virgin Shall Conceive & Bear a Son DOC 90kb PDF 115kb
Alcohol and Drug Abuse DOC 85kb PDF 166kb
And When They Had Prayed DOC 100kb PDF 207kb
Back to the Bible DOC PDF
Broad Mindedness DOC 138kb PDF 172kb
By What Authority Doest Thou These Things DOC 125kb PDF 278kb
Can You Speak in Tongues? DOC 58kb PDF 131kb
Christ and The Church DOC 96kb PDF 143kb
Christian Faithfulness DOC 70kb PDF 134kb
Do–It–Yourself Home Bible Study DOC 138kb PDF 168kb
Do Not Forsake the Assembly DOC 60kb PDF 133kb
Do This in Remembrance of Me DOC 64kb PDF 129kb
From Catholic Nun to New Testament Christian DOC 174kb PDF 237kb
From My Heart to Yours DOC 154kb PDF 316kb
God Called Them Christians DOC 205kb PDF 185kb
God's Fierce Anger DOC 64kb PDF 91kb
Good News For You DOC 332kb PDF 106kb
Grace and Works DOC PDF
Guilt DOC 64kb PDF 151kb
Having Appointed Elders in Every Church DOC 128kb PDF 134kb
He Shall Tell Thee Words DOC PDF
How Can I Find the Right Church DOC 69kb PDF 106kb
How Readest Thou? DOC 284kb PDF 383kb
How to Set Up a Church in Your Home DOC 79kb PDF 702kb
I Hurt and Don't Know Why DOC 124kb PDF 130kb
I Will Send Unto You the Spirit of Truth DOC 220kb PDF 339kb
If Therefore the Whole Church DOC 219kb PDF 358kb
Is Baptism Necessary to Please God DOC 87kb PDF 170kb
Is There a Sure Way to Heaven? DOC 49kb PDF 117kb
Jesus Loves Us series: God's Creation DOC 178kb PDF 1.575mb
Jesus Loves Us series: God Takes Care of His Children DOC 479kb PDF 461kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus Our Friend DOC 203kb PDF 718kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus Our Leader DOC 114kb PDF 1.042mb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus Our Saviour DOC 254kb PDF 343kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus Our Teacher DOC 135kb PDF 878kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus, the Son of God DOC 171kb PDF 568kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Jesus and His Covenant DOC 421kb PDF 416kb
Jesus Loves Us series: Teacher's Guide DOC 615kb PDF 374kb
Let Me Tell You About Jesus & His Church DOC 86kb PDF 104kb
Let's Reconsider Reincarnation DOC 95kb PDF 143kb
Licentiousness: A Variety of Sins DOC 144kb PDF 233kb
Polygamy vs. God's Way DOC 54kb PDF 138kb
Religious Questions, Biblical Answers DOC 137kb PDF 168kb
Removing the Ancient Landmarks DOC 84kb PDF 138kb
Restoring the New Testament Church DOC 91kb PDF 104kb
Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth DOC 205kb PDF 185kb
Shepherding of Sheep DOC 163kb PDF 246kb
Sin, Guilt, and Salvation DOC 332kb PDF 106kb
Since A.D. 33 DOC 84kb PDF 138kb
“... singing and making melody with your heart ...” DOC 94kb PDF 132kb
Some Things You Should Know About Jesus Christ and His Church DOC 86kb PDF 104kb
Ten Religious Questions DOC 55kb PDF 116kb
The Christian Increases DOC 141kb PDF 161kb
The Christian in the Church DOC 244kb PDF 254kb
The Churches of Christ: Who Are These People? DOC 91kb PDF 114kb
The Cross of Christ DOC 68kb PDF 155kb
The Crucifixion of Jesus DOC 45kb PDF 95kb
The Death of Christ DOC 47kb PDF 108kb
The Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin DOC 1.138mb PDF 2.000mb
The Fellowship of Love DOC 95kb PDF 96kb
The High Cost of Sin DOC 109kb PDF 131kb
The Lord's Supper DOC 104kb PDF 105kb
The Loveliness of Jesus DOC 300kb PDF 218kb
The Message of the New Testament DOC 102kb PDF 118kb
The One True and Living God DOC 95kb PDF 105kb
The Overcomers (Revelation) DOC 832kb PDF 1.32mb
The Rejected But Victorious Jesus DOC 241kb PDF 173KB
The Sacrificial System DOC 524kb PDF 718kb
The Tabernacle DOC 168kb PDF 176kb
The Value of Being a Christian DOC 104kb PDF 116kb
To Give is God-Like DOC 93kb PDF 107kb
What All Mankind Should Know DOC 441kb PDF 368kb
What Every Christian Should Know DOC PDF
What Every "New" Christian Should Know DOC 84kb PDF 108kb
What is the Church of Christ? DOC 85kb PDF 97kb
What Must I Do to be Saved? DOC 101kb PDF 147kb
What the Christian Woman Can Do in the Church DOC 130kb PDF 143kb
What Was the Purpose of Miracles DOC 58kb PDF 131kb
When the Last Curtain Falls DOC 90kb PDF 130kb
Why I Am a Member of the Lord's Church DOC 78kb PDF 109kb
Why I Left the Baptist Church DOC 121kb PDF 281kb
Why I Left the Catholic Church DOC 132kb PDF 266kb
Why I Left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints DOC 63kb PDF 243kb
Why I Left the Methodist Church DOC 79kb PDF 157kb
Why I Left the Nazarene Church DOC 78kb PDF 150kb
Why Not Just the Bible DOC 55kb PDF 77kb
Zealously Religious But Without God DOC 69kb PDF 106kb

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