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by Vendall W. Dollarhide


He is an old and experienced man in vice and wickedness. He is never found opposing the work of iniquity. He takes delight in the downfall of his neighbor. He never rejoices in the prosperity of any of his fellow creatures. He is ready to assist in destroying the peace of society. He takes no pleasure in serving the Lord. He is uncommonly diligent in sowing discord among his friends and acquaintances. He takes no pride in laboring to promote the cause of Christianity. He has not been negligent in endeavoring to stigmatize all public teachers. He makes no exceptions to subdue his passions. He strives hard to build Satan's kingdom. He lends no aid to support the gospel among the heathen. He contributes largely to the evil adversary. He pays no attention to good advice. He gives great heed to the devil. He will never go to heaven. He must go where he'll receive the just recompense of his reward.


He is an old and experienced man. In vice and wickedness, he is never found. Opposing the work of iniquity, he takes delight. In the downfall of his neighbor, he never rejoices. In the prosperity of any of his fellow creatures, he is ready to assist. In destroying the peace of society, he takes no pleasure. In serving the Lord, he is uncommonly diligent. In sowing discord among his friends and acquaintances, he takes no pride. In laboring to promote the cause of Christianity, he has not been negligent. In endeavoring to stigmatize all public teachers, he makes no exertions. To subdue his passions, he strives hard. To build Satan's kingdom, he lends no aid. To support the gospel among the heathen, he contributes largely. To the evil adversary, he pays no attention. To good advice, he gives great heed. To the devil, he will never go. To heaven, he must go where he'll receive the just recompense of his reward.

Where will you put the emphasis? This is the question that each of us will answer. As you can see from the two descriptions above, they have the exact same word order. The only difference is where the punctuation or emphasis is placed. One little change in the punctuation changes the definition entirely.

Each of us has to make the decision on where to place the emphasis in our lives. Some people will choose to place it in material belongings, their career, what the world says, or simply on themselves. The definition of your life will not be pleasing if you take this road. If you want to have a definition of your life of which you can be proud and that will bring glory to God, then you must put the emphasis of your existence on God, his Word, and our savior, Jesus Christ!

Some might say, “Yes, but not every little scripture really applies to me.” This is not true! Paul tells us in II Timothy 3:16–17, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly furnished for every good work.” So, when it really comes down to it, will you live in God's image or do you think it would be better to live in your own image? Only those who place the emphasis on God and not themselves, will inherit the eternal home in heaven.

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Oris Bryant of the College Hill Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, TX is one of our dedicated family members. Brother Bryant graduated from Harding College in 1957 and has been active in the ministry in some form ever since. Oris has taught at Athens Bible College in Athens, AL and, former, Forth Worth Christian College in North Richland Hills, TX. He also preached for several congregations: La Feria, TX, Foreman, AR; Sidney, MT; and Huron, SD. He also served as a circuit preacher in Plentywood, Glasgow, and Malta, MT. Bro. Bryant retired from full-time preaching last year, but he did not retire from Christian service. He is active in teaching people to read English by reading the Bible and other ministries at College Hill. He is dedicated to spreading God's word to lost souls throughout the world.

Brother Bryant has seen the great value of Mission Printing and the efforts that are being made to bring the gospel to lost souls around the world. Oris volunteers his time every Tuesday, filling boxes to be shipped to locations around the globe. He has a deep passion for the truth that is found in the Bible and for the church that Jesus established. Bro. Bryant might be in his late 70's, but he has the zeal and energy of a 7 year old. He is someone that we would do well to emulate. Thank you Brother Bryant for your example and dedication to the lost.

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Linda Jones and Syble Moore of the Robinson Road Church of Christ in Grand Prairie, TX are two of our special family members at Mission Printing. Linda and Syble joined the work earlier this year, and they have quickly become a vital part of our family. They bring an energy that is inspiring and encouraging.

As you can see from their picture, Sister Jones and Sister Moore live a life filled with happiness. There joy is not found in the world, but rather in their Savior, Jesus Christ. I am proud to know these two Christian women, and I am even more honored to call them friends.

Linda and Syble come various days throughout the week and work diligently collating the gospel material. They find great pleasure from each page that passes through their hands. The pleasure is not from anything they do, but is found in the knowledge that God's word is going to be planted in someone's soul. Linda and Syble's excitement rises with each book and the possibilities that await the reader.

“But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. For if these things are yours and abound, you will be neither barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ” (II Peter 1:5–8). Linda Jones and Syble Moore are two Christian women that strive to be better today than yesterday. Their life is spent trying to make their spiritual walk stronger, as well as the walk of those around them.

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B.B. Harding

February 15, 1918 — December 3, 1006

B.B. Harding was born in Tennessee where he lived until entering college. He attended David Lipscomb and Abilene Christian colleges. He started preaching before graduating from college and did not quit until the day he fell fatally ill.

Brother Harding preached full-time for 64 years! He preached in many small congregations, mainly in the South. The last eight years of full-time preaching was with the Chapel Hill congregation near Nashville, AR.

He loved to teach Bible class with Revelation as his favorite book to teach. He believed it was the most comforting book to those who overcome.

He was always active in visiting the sick and shut-ins. At age 82, he could be seen driving from Nashville, AR to Little Rock to Texarkana, TX to visit those in the hospital. It was on one of his visitations, delivering food to a shut-in, that he fell and fractured both ankles. To most people, this would be the opportunity to throw their hands up and say, “That's it!” Not Brother B.B. Harding!

After entering the Christian Care Center in Gunter, TX, he wasn't ready to give up. He would teach the Sunday and Wednesday evening classes in the College Hill Church of Christ.

He was passionate about spreading the gospel to lost souls. Bro. Harding put this passion into action by actively promoting Mission Printing around the country. He saw the need for teaching the lost and he believed that Mission Printing was a powerful resource in the fight against Satan and false teaching.

We are saddened by the passing of B.B. Harding, but we are excited that he now gets to receive the reward that he preached about for so many years.

Bro. Harding's legacy lives on in the hearts of those he taught and loved. His son, Sam Harding, has the same passion for spreading the gospel and serving our Savior as his father. It truly is an honor to know and learn from this father and son.

Thank you Brother B.B. Harding for your life!

Johnny Ramsey

July 5, 1930 — October 5, 2006

Johnny Ramsey was a graduate of Abilene Christian University. He preached nearly 60 years. Brother Ramsey is widely known for his gospel meeting and lectureship work.

Bro. Ramsey taught in the Brown Trail School of Preaching and the Southwest School of Biblical Studies, as well as others.

He was a prolific writer. Johnny Ramsey wrote many of Mission Printing's books including: Christ and the Church, The Death of Christ, The High Cost of Sin, The Loveliness of Jesus, The Message of the New Testament, The Value of Being a Christian, and When the Last Curtain Falls. Mission Printing has been blessed by his ability to write scriptural material and many souls throughout the world have been blessed for reading his work. Bro. Ramsey inspired people to find the truth for themselves; the truth that is found in God's word.


Johnny Ramsey loved to preach the pure gospel that is found in the Bible. He believed that the Bible provided the best sermon material and outlines. Bro. Ramsey reminds me of Avon Malone because, when you heard one of his sermons, you heard God's eternal word proclaimed with power.

Maxie Boren, Brown Trail Church of Christ elder and close friend of Johnny Ramsey, stated that he “always learned something new when listening to Johnny preach.” Bro. Boren also stated, “Johnny Ramsey had an amazing recall of scriptures and I have never known a preacher that could summarize all the books of the Bible as well as Johnny.”

Mission Printing would like to say, “We are thankful for Johnny Ramsey and grateful for his life.” And to Iris, his faithful wife, “Thank you for your example and strength. Our prayers are with you and your family.”


— 3 —

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Ashfield, Nottingham, UK
Tom King

Many thanks for all the booklets you sent to us at the Church of Christ at Beulah Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottingham, UK. We truly appreciate what you have done for us and thank your for your generosity.

Hong Kong, China
Argly Church of Christ

Thank you so much for the gospel material which you sent to our congregation. Would you let me know if you can provide the material in digital format such as on a CD or PDF files that we can share them with others in the congregation.

Jinja, Uganda, Africa

Thank you for the material you sent me. It is helping me to preach the gospel. Many people in Uganda are in need of the word. I need more material due to high demand.

Cebu City, Philippines
Mountain View Church of Christ
Ed Maquiling

We want you to know that we appreciate so much the material which you sent. All of the books are very informative. They are written in very simple English and are very useful in teaching. Many of the members of the Mountain View Church of Christ have not been in the kingdom for very long, and this material will help to upgrade their knowledge of the Word. Most of these people are former Catholics. The congregation began in 2001 with the baptism of twelve. Now they are growing, both in numbers and knowledge of the Word.

Gracemere, Queensland, Australia
Rockhampton Church of Christ

We, the “Church of Christ,” received your shipment of tracts and books a few weeks ago and were very surprises but extremely delighted to get them. We have catalogued them for all our members. We find them very interesting and scriptural and of great benefit to our meetings.

Clarendon, Jamaica
South Central Church of Christ
Easton Duncan

I am sorry for taking so long to say thank you for the wonderful books that you sent us. We were in need of them.

We thank God for Mission Printing and the supply of gospel material. Please continue to consider us in your thoughts and prayers.

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Dzodze, Volta, Ghana, Africa
Tsiaveme Church of Christ

We want you to know how much we appreciate all your efforts by sending the important material to us. They are helping us to spread the Good News to many places. The Mission Printing material is helping tremendously in identifying the Lord's church from among the numerous denominations we have in our country.

Adamaoua Province, Cameroon
Ewear Augustine

Thank you for sending me your website address. I am making good use of it. Since you say it is difficult to ship mails to Cameroon, I print out the material from the Mission Printing website. I then use it for evangelism here. Thank you again for the website and may God bless you all.

Tasmania, Australia
Glenorchy Church of Christ

Thank you for the two boxes of literature which arrived here in excellent condition. They have already been put to use in our classes. We do thank you for your generosity and dedication.

Kontagora, Niger State, Nigeria

We appreciate your for the great work of evangelism that you are offering through the “printed page.” Thank you for this effort and may the Almighty God continue to bless Mission Printing.

Townsville Church of Christ

Many thanks from the Townsville Church of Christ for the material which you sent.

Maui, Hawaii
Central Maui Church of Christ

Two weeks ago we received assorted books and tracts from Mission Printing. Yesterday, more material arrived. We thank your from the bottom of our souls. The books are an excellent source of Bible knowledge.

We will be distributing the material to our members. We appreciate the assistance that Mission Printing has provided.

May God bless your ministry.

— 4 —

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK
Ramsey Church of Christ

Just to say we appreciate your diligence in sending the interesting booklets. We pray that we can be as diligent in using them.

The books are very attractive and easy to follow. They have replaced some of our older stock.

Kisii, Kenya, Africa
Mogesa Church of Christ
Simeon Ongiri Atanga

You need to be congratulated for the wonderful work you are doing in evangelizing the world through the printed page.

I was privileged to read some of your material and they impressed me very much. I am therefore writing this letter to you with a request for more material. I am sure that they will help very much in our school and congregation, as well as the seminars that are being held here like the World Bible School Seminar. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa
Iglesia de Cristo Malabo
Joseph Etok

I want to thank you for the material you have been sending to help evangelize Malabo. May God bless your efforts in spreading the gospel among th Spanish speaking people on this island.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Riverlea Church of Christ
George Thompson

We just received the consignment of books so generously sent by Mission Printing. It is a blessing to us knowing that we have partners in sharing the gospel with people here in South Africa. May God continue to bless you as together we reach the untold millions.

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Kisumu, Kenya, Africa
Prince Nweke Sylvanus

I wanted to let you know that I did receive your last shipment of material. I can't find the words to fully describe my happiness and appreciation for Mission Printing's efforts in reaching the lost through the “printed page.”

I wanted to request more copies of the Jesus Loves Us series by Odeal Pearcy. Odeal Pearcy has touched more souls than I think she realizes. My God bless Sister Pearcy, Mission Printing, and all the precious souls working to share the gospel though the “printed page.”

Rivers State, Nigeria

We are very happy to receive all the material that you recently sent to us. The books are very helpful in the evangelism work we are doing in Nigeria. The books are of tremendous help in our personal walks as well.

Wum, Cameroon, Africa
Elangwe Eugene Baloko

We want to thank you for the great job you are doing to evangelize the world. Through the efforts of Mission Printing, we have been blessed in our work here. Many people have been converted through the material that we have been receiving from you.

Because of our success, we are requesting for more gospel material from Mission Printing. There are 20 congregations in this area and we share the material with them all.

Hong Kong, China
Wanchai Church of Christ
Jonathan Palitayan

The Wanchai Church of Christ would like to express its gratitude once again for your generosity in providing us with Bible material. I just received four boxes of material that you sent us. This will surely be helpful in our efforts to reach out to all those souls who are in need of the gospel of Christ in this part of the world. The members are extremely thankful for the material because it helps us to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The first boxes of material have already been distributed to the members for their personal study. The remaining boxes were distributed in our weekly flyer distribution and personal evangelism work.

Hagan, Isabela, Philippines

We are happy that we have received printed material from you. Mission Printing helps us to grow. The material inspires us to continue in our work for Jesus and to win souls for His kingdom.

The brethren will continue to share the message and teachings of our Saviour. Mission Printing is a great help in accomplishing our mission.

“ May God bless your efforts in spreading the gospel among the Spanish speaking people...”

Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Stephen Frank

I would like to request some of your books that you supply to congregations. I requested some a couple of years ago and they have been of immense help in teaching in the church and the lost. People throughout the area have found the material very useful.

We would be glad to have more of Mission Printing's books since the church in Aberdeen is getting many visitors every Sunday! Thanks for the great job that you're doing for the Lord!

— 5 —

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Ghana, Africa

I have just browsed your website and the joy of seeing some of your works cannot be expressed.

Machilipatnam, A.P. India
Machilipatnam Church of Christ

I am very happy and thankful to receive your gospel literature! It is very fruitful to know the truth, which is found in the Bible. Many people are asking for one-on-one Bible studies after reading your books. Your material is based on the Bible and not man-made ideas.

I request your kind consideration to send me some more bags of your material by which I can spread the truth to the unreached.

Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria
Prince Nweke Sylvanus

I have no adequate words to thank you enough for all your work through the “printed page.”

Agiripalli, A.P., India
Preacher Training School

I am writing you to inform you that we received your M-bags, and we were overjoyed by your kindness. We have already distributed all the books through our Mobile Preacher Training School. We require more of the material from Mission Printing so that we can educate the people and use with our WBS work.

Igarra, Edo State, Nigeria

I must confess that all of you at Mission Printing are doing a great job. Your material is very helpful with evangelism. We like the appearance of the books and the many topics that are covered. We need more of your material to reach the lost.

Nawab Town, Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan
Nacem Sabir

I am currently serving the Lord in Pakistan and running a Bible college. I recently read “Alcohol and Drug Abuse” by David Caskey. This is an excellent book. It teaches that these actions are forbidden in the Bible.

Please remember the Lord's work in Pakistan in your prayers. We will pray that God will continue to use Mission Printing to glorify His name.

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However, any donations that arrive before the end of the year will be processed for 2006. The mail will be checked every day.

If you need to contact Mission Printing for any reason during this time, please contact our director, Vendall Dollarhide. His contact information is on the front of the newsletter. He will be able to help you with any needs that you may have.


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A gift to Mission Printing is a gift that keeps on giving!

No matter where you give, please remember that there is no better place to give than an organization that is dedicated to reaching the lost for our Savior!


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Alexander, Delton

Chandler, Charles & Sue

Allen, Kendal

Braziel, Scherry

Allen, Kendal

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Cook, Nell

Dry, Johnnie

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Bateman, Ruth

Finley, David

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Barrow, Gene & Dorothy

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Wetzel, Robert & Helga

Boyd, Raymond

Berg, Gene & Geneva

Dickey, Charles & Dorothy

Britt, Alta

Pressley, Loy & Kaye

Bullard, Chris

Austin, Esta

Cage, Harlin

Paul, Grady & Ruth

Caskey, Guy

Lamar Street Church of Christ

Chandler, Gary

Richardson, Cutah

Sheldon, Nelda

Skinner, Dorothy

Chaney, Delia

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Clark, Margie

Shumate, Mr. & Mrs Dean

Dawdy, Bink

Dawdy, Dot, Michael & Kay

Dunn, Mattie

Caskey, Jessie Lee

Merriman, Butch & Linda

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

Gammon, Earnest

Cotham, Perry

Hall, (USMC) Lt. William

Hall, Maurice

Memorials & Honors
August 19 to October 12, 2006

Hann, Kenneth

Garner, Frances

Isabell, Stan

Richardson, Cutah

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Bradshaw, Curtis & Wilma

Brown, Virgil & Virginia

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Teague, John & Juanita

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Smithfield Church of Christ

Kuykendall, Dan

Roberson, Marcus

Litton, J.D.

Litton, Mrs. J.D.

Marsh, Luther

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Mays, Jim

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

McAlister, Wayne

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Walker, Dorris & Janie

McCormick, Bessie E.

Graves, Eileen

McQuatters, Venell

McLeroy, Lorene

Newton, Bill

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Caskey, Jessie Lee

Cotham, Perry

Delle, Raye

Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene

Hornsby, Roger & Betty

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Sanderson, Alma

Thornton, Charles & Norma

Parker, Pat Stinson


Peck Sr., Robert

Garner, Frances

Perry, Oneta

Paul, Grady & Ruth

Phillips, Loucille

Garner, Frances

Polster, Joy

Cruse, Robert & Shirlee

Ramsey, Johnny

Braziel, Scherry

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Thornton, Charles & Norma

Watson, Julie

Reeves, Dickie James

B.C. Food Group

Russwurm, Rusty & Sue

Setliff, Duane & Margie

The Heyden Stanley Group

Sallee, Nadine

Cotham, Perry

Schlenker, Ron & Jan

O'Donnell, Jo

Shipley, Onieda

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene

Hornsby, Roger & Betty

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Shipley, Lois

Thornton, Charles & Norma

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Shumake, Glendora

Hobbs, David & Karen

Shumate, Inez

Shumate, Mr. & Mrs. Dean

Sitton, Geraldine

Walker, Dorris & Janie

Smith, Theron

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Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Springer, Kenneth

Coker, Norma

McLeroy, Lorene

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Surovik, Ida

Friends @ Handley Church of Christ

Thompson, Kenneth

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Tomme Jr., Harold E.

Ball, Paula

Berg, Gene & Geneva

Byrd, Rita

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Caskey, Jessie Lee

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Birthday Honors

Odeal Pearcy (93rd)

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Richardson, Cutah

Esmer Hutsell (90th)

Graves, Eileen

Courtney Dollarhide (2nd)

Dollarhide, Caleb & Tyler

Anniversary Honors

Hezzie & Jean Bellows (60th)

Moulder, Janette & Cheryl

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