To The Ends of the Earth, March-June 2009, with Mission Printing logo (34K)

Mission Printing, Inc.

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30 years of commitment

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2707 Medlin Dr.
Arlington, TX 76015

Board of Trustees
Tom Garner, President
Doug Jarvis, Secretary
Darrell Allen
Calvin Hammons
Richard Renfro
Tom Sarratt, Jr.

Vendall W. Dollarhide
cell 817–504–1834

Office Administrators
Mary Carroll
department communication,
mail, volunteer supervisor,
newsletter, email,
shipping, etc.

Jessie Lee Caskey

Alice Walker
bookkeeping, call center
proofing, etc.

7:00 AM–2:00 PM


October 10, 2009
11:30 am — 1:30 pm
Mission Printing Building

We will be celebrating Mission Printings's
30 years of dedication to
“World Evangelism By The Printed Page.”

We will have a potluck lunch followed by a time
for sharing. We will reminisce about the past 30
years and look forward to the years ahead.
Anyone that is planning to be here for this
special event needs to contact Mary Carrol at
Mission Printing by October 1.

Please begin sending us your thoughts about
Mission Printing or stories from our past. We
want to collect these and be able to share them
with others. If you have any pictures that were
taken at Mission Printing over the years, we
would love to display these as well. The pictures
will be returned.

More Information will be coming soon.

Heading 1, Page 2, Touching the World, March-June 2009 (18K)

Alexandria, VA
Carolyn Miller

Please send us more of the tract What Must I do to Be Saved. This publication is helpful in or mission to spread God's word.

Morenci, AZ
Sunset Church of Christ

Recently, Brother Richard Renfro was at our congregation was at our congregation, and he spoke to us about the work that Mission Printing is providing to share the word with the world through the tract program. It is great to hear of so many of the brethren providing their time and labor to put all of this material together so that it might be sent to foreign lands in an effort to provide gospel teaching to people in those areas. We understand from Richard that the cost of postage is expensive; therefore, at this time, we would like to provide some support to help cover these costs. Please find enclosed a check from the Sunset Church of Christ in Morenci, AZ. We will continue to evaluate this work and our finances in the future and continue to keep you in our thoughts as we look at other ways to support God's work in the mission field.

Kumba, Cameroon
Church of Christ
Ngah William

The brethren send their regards to you all. They thank you for the gospel material that Mission Printing sent to our congregation. The material has not only been helpful to the Kumba Town congregations as a whole, but also to other congregations with which we were able to share the material. Their prayers also go up to God for you.

Please send us more gospel material!

Dehiwala, Srilanka

Thank you very much for sending four boxes of books. We were very happy to receive them, and we are distributing the books to many people. The Mission Printing books are very useful to all of us.

God be with you. He will help you to spread the gospel to the world.

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Church of Christ
Sunday Jonah Udo

I want to thank you for the material you sent to us and the school. The books have been written by many faithful brethren and their insight has richly blessed us.

We would like to encourage Mission Printing to continue with this good work for the Lord.

The material is of great help to our congregation, the pupils in the school, and even the teachers. Two headmasters from other schools have also come to us asking where they could get some of the material to help their pupils.

Wedza, Zimbabwe
Wedza Church of Christ
Farai MLambo

Thank you so much for the two boxes of tracts I collected today at the post office. Thank you so much! We will distribute them in Wedza area congregations. We have seven congregations in Wedza. We like the songs in the songbooks that you sent. Thank you so much and may God bless Mission Printing.

Hong Kong, China
Wanchai Church of Christ
Felix Olidan, Jr.

We received the three boxes of tracts that you sent us. Thank you so very much! Rest assured that this will help in our evangelistic purposes and to follow up with students of the World Bible School.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Agiripalli, Krishna District
Andhra Pradesh, India
Agiripalli Church of Christ
G. Jacob

Thank you very much for sending us so many books and Bibles. Praise the Lord! The material is very useful in teaching our young people the truth. It is a great thing Mission Printing does to provide scripturally sound material to the world!

Abak, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Church of Christ
Monday John Akpakpan

I Received twelve boxes of Bible studies from Mission Printing yesterday. I really appreciate your effort in sending me the material. I have started distributing them straight away. It is enjoyable trouble when I received your material.

It is enjoyable because we were in bad need of these studies. The only trouble is the cost of getting the material from the Nigerian post office. I am charged N550 per carton. The 12 cartons cost me N6,600 (about $45). Please do not be discouraged in sending me study material. I will pay anything they charge me happily so that I get the material for our evangelism.

Thank you for the song books. We had been searching for songbooks to use in the congregations that are in our federal prisons.

May God bless you all for your good work and service.

Sometimes post offices in other countries charge fees to churches in order for them to received their packages. This shouldn't be done since the fees are always paid on Mission Printing's end. Satan will do anything in the attempt to stop God's word from spreading throughout the world.

“I will pay anything
they charge me happily
so that I get the material
for our evangelism.”

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Campbell Tsiga

I do hope this letter finds you prospering in Christ. I just want to thank you all for the work you are doing and for helping lost souls find Christ. My name is Campbell Tsiga, the fifth son to Conrad & Helen Tsiga from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. I am a WBS follow-up helper, and I really find your Bible studies helpful. Keep up the good work, and may the Almighty bless you and be with you always.

— 2 —


Enugo State, Nigeria
Nnaji Chidiebere Daniel

I Thank God for the opportunity given to me to lay my hands on some of your books. They have changed my life. The great thing about the books is the detailed nature of the material and how the studies handle the word of God.

Peria Agaraharam
Tamil Nadu, India
Church of Christ, K. Thangaraj

I received your parcel with great joy. Thank you very much for you kindness. I appreciate your good work at Mission Printing. It is wonderful to view the studies, and they are very useful to me as an evangelist. Thank you. I encourage you to keep up your good work. May the Lord abundantly bless you.

Mae Sai Chiang Rai, Thailand
Daniel Kap Lian Thang

I thank God for your wonderful books. They gave me a lot of encouragement in my ministry. Your words penetrated by heart. You are building up my spiritual life.

I long to receive more of Mission Printing's Bible studies.

I am doing ministry among the tribal people at the borders of Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. We have the responsibility to preach the gospel of Christ to them. Many people are longing to hear and receive the good news of Christ.

Thank you. May God bless you abundantly.

“I long to receive more
of Mission Printing's
Bible studies.”

Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria
Ohemu Godwin Pius

It gladdens my heart that God has given me this opportunity to write you. My motive of writing you is just to express my profound gratitude for the parcel you sent to us. I am very grateful and I pray that God, in His infinite mercy, will continue to give you the strength to continue in the Mission Printing ministry.

I want to inform you that the books have made an incredible impact to the lives of unbelievers in our school and community, as well as the lives of the new converts in the congregation. As a matter of fact, I want to inform you that we are hungry for more!

Davenport, Australia
Mersey Bluff Church of Christ
Ian McPherson

The tracts arrived this week. Thanks for sending them. They are great! We have already used some in our door knocking today.

Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Uniben/Ubth Church of Christ
Idehen Osagiede

Its with all my heart I acknowledge the receipt of the parcels you sent. It came in handy for we had just exhausted our material that you sent previously.

The whole congregation is grateful for this kind gesture, and we pray God's blessing be showered on Mission Printing.

I also commend the promptness of your reply. Thank you from the depths of our souls.

Abagana, Anambra State,Nigeria
Everest Eneh

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Mission Printing for their mission to spread the gospel. I received two cartons of material for the gospel campaign that I told you would commence next month. There will be congregations from four surrounding states, as well as Anambra State. This will be a huge gospel campaign indeed.

We appreciate your assistance and plead with you to continue sending us material as we attempt to teach the lost of our area of Nigeria.

Kibi, Ghana
Franklin Boafo

Christian greetings from the Kibi and Gyampomani congregations. I also want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation Mission Printing for the supply of religious material to our area. I must say the materral has helped us in or evangelism work in the rural communities. We still need more of such Bible studies. I must say the evangelism work in the Kibi area is progressing. Even the traditional authorities have embraced the word of God. Thanks to the almighty God who has given us the opportunity to spread His word. I also want to comment our Christian brethren in America for the strong foundation they have laid Ghana. We continue to pray that God will use America and Mission Printing to champion the cause of Christ until the whole world accepts Christ as Savior. May the good Lord bless you and keep you.

“We pray God's blessings
be showered on
Mission Printing.”

Chegutu, Zimbabwe
Chegutu Church of Christ
Shorayi Mubvumbi

We wish to acknowledge and to thank you for the twelve-boxes of literature we received yesterday. We never thought it would be so quick! We are elated! We are so excited and very grateful to receive them!

Your efforts and Christ–centered love are sincerely appreciated, and there are no words that can describe your impact on our people.

Baguio City, Philippines
Midtown Church of Christ
Jonathan “Jo, Jo” Ramos

Blessed day to all at Mission Printing. With great joy and gladness, I praise our Father for the blessings received through your ministry. Thank you so much for everything.

We used all your tracts and books in our evangelistic effort in the mountainous region of our country. With the grace of God, we had the birth of a new congregation, the Bokod Church of Christ. It began with sixteen souls becoming obedient to the gospel and putting on Christ through baptism, and many more are joining our worship services. The fruit of your labor is aiding in the harvest. PRAISE BE TO GO!

We have been using your material in our community evangelism, medical–dental missions, workshops, and house to house visitation. Many hearts are being softened!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! With Mission Printing's help, we are bringing the saving power of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ t our people in the Philippines.

Thank your for giving us the confidence and guidance through your material to lead our brethren toward the battlefield and bringing victory for Jesus. Thank you so much! We continue to march into the battlefields with the sword of the Spirit and the armor of God.

Please continue to support us with your material. We need more boxes of God's instruments of teaching since we have depleted the last supply. Please send the material A.S.A.P., as we are about to plan for another offensive march into the battlefield.

— 3 —


The year 2009 has been a time of remembering the past and planning for the future. Mission Printing has been a strong force in the fight for lost souls for 30 years. As we prepare for our celebration, the Mission Printing family is sharing stories of the foundation of this great organization and its early years of development. We have enjoyed over three decades of furthering "world evangelism by the printed page." I am amazed by the vision and drive of Brother Guy Caskey each time I walk into the Mission Printing building or when I present the Mission Printing story to a congregation. Bro. Caskey will forever be known as a great man of faith, not because of what he did, but because he let Christ have the control. He would be the first to inform you that Mission Printing was never his or Jessie Lee's, but that it belonged to the Savior. This belief continues today: Mission Printing is not ours; it belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ! This is why Satan is scared of the power that is found in this organization.

Along with remembering the past 30 years, Mission Printing has been planning for the next 30 years and beyond. Our process of developing, compiling, and shipping books has become more efficient in the last few years. We continue to send material to countries throughout the world. We have actually shipped Bible studies to 122 countries; half the countries in the world! You can read some of the letters that we have received from locations across the globe in the Touching the World section of this newsletter. Mission Printing has plans for the future and we need your help!

Financial aid is the part of our planning with which Mission Printing needs your immediate and ongoing help. The economic times have impacted us in a drastic manner. Our donations have decreased greatly due to the economic times and the deaths of several donors. While our donations have dropped, expenses have not. We are in need of your help! We realize that Mission Printing is not unique in this position and that you might be aiding other worthwhile and Christ–centered organizations. We are not asking you to cut back on any of your other commitments. We are


simply asking you to increase your financial aid to Mission Printing, if only by a few dollars.

With 2009 quickly coming to a close, this would be an ideal time to make a special donation. Perhaps you or your congregation had an exceptionally good year and you are able to send an EXTRA year-end gift. This is also a good time of year to honor the loved ones in your life or someone that has touched you in a special way.

People often feel that they can't give much and that it really wouldn't help to give so little. I am here to let you know that your “two minas” go further than what Satan would like you to think. If we had 500 people that could give $10 a month, that would increase our yearly donation by $60,000! This would eliminate our yearly deficit in total. Don't let Satan convince you that your gift can't go far. Your “small” gift will be felt around the world!

We also need your help with workers. Mission Printing is always in need of volunteers. Over the years, we have lost many of our longtime workers due to health issues and even death. We need workers in the harvest field. If you or someone you know wants and needs a place to work for God and to aid in the spread of the gospel, then please remember Mission Printing.

We also need mission points to send these scripturally sound Bible studies. Whether it's overseas or in the U.S., Mission Printing wants to get the material into people's hands. God's word does no good if it sets on a shelf collecting dust. No matter where lost souls may be found, Mission Printing has the mission and responsibility to get God's word to them.

So, as you plan for 2010 and beyond, we hope that you include Mission Printing in your life. You will be blessed for it! God bless you all and may you continue to experience the glory of God Almighty.

Vendall Dollarhide

— 4 —

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Anderson, Willie Lou

Anderson Family

Cruse, Robert & Shirlee

Hanes, Robert & Carol

Loyd, Bobby & Charlotte

Minton, Fayrene & Bobby

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Barker, Alvin

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Bell, Sharon

Coker, Norma

Blount, Sissy

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Bramhall, Jack

Cotham, Perry

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Bristow, Lenora

Minton, Fayrene & Bobby

Brock, Bud

Barker, Clifford & Audrey

Brown, Tex

McNeil, Dick & Barbara

Browning, Eugene

Berg, Gene & Geneva

Cannon, James & Margaret

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Bryant, Gus

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Winchell, Myrtle

Campbell, Mamie Lou

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Springer, Wilson & Frances

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Castleberry, Mary Alice

Cotham, Perry

Cooper, Geneva

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Cooper, Ricky

Brinkley, Donna

Crawford, Don

Cruse, Bob & Shirlee

Daniel, Michael

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Shipley, George & Bertie

David, Jackie

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Dawdy, Bink

Dawdy, Dot

Dilks Mary

Ferguson, Vivian

Ellis, Jim

Houston, Travis & Alfreda

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Elsey, Eula

Cotham, Perry

England, Yvonne

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Drake, Calvin & June

Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Oak Cliff Amity Book Review Club

Shipley, George & Bertie

Springer, Wilson & Frances

Sturdivant, Doug & Rose

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Estes, Juanita

Berg, Gene & Geneva

Falkner, Eadie

Cotham, Perry

Falkner, Don

Pendergras, Willa

Fry, Virginia

Garner, Tom & Ouida

Gidley, William

Paul, Grady & Ruth

Greenberg, Baby

Cotham, Perry

Greenhaw, Dr. Jim

Gray, Mary Archie

Groves, Faye

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Hammock, Dub

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Hanson, Ruth Eileen

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Hardin, Sibyl

Wasner, Hans & Mary


Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Hillis, Ann

Bradshaw, Curtis

Caskey, Louise

Hodge, John

Russwurm, Rusty & Sue

Horton, Elouise

O'Donnell, Anna

Housman, Peggy

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Huling, Lois

Arledge, Larry & Sue

Johnson, Marcia

Shipley, George & Bertie

Kee, Mary

Brown, Melvin & Pearl

Keeton, Ordena

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

King, Wayne

Jennings, John & Oleta

Lander, Bernie

Barnhill, Jim & Janet

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Blaschke, Alfred & Irma

Brown, Ruth

Conn, George, Oma & Amy

Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene

Lee, Scotty & Phyllis

Martin, Bobby & Linda

Munden, Brent & Gail

Munden, Bruce

Munden, Kent & Kim

Munden, Nadine

Munden, Phillip & Darlene

Nahrgang, W.L.

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Newton, Onnie

Preston, George, Terry & Mikaela

Reinhardt, Peggy

Richwill Enterprises, Inc.

Shipley, George & Bertie

Springer, Wilson & Frances

Stivers, Claudia

Sturdivant, Doug & Rose

Thornton, Charles & Norma

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

West, Margaret

Western, Peggie

Witherspoon, Mr. & Mrs. Henry

Lawrence, Craig

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Lawrence, Paul

Shipley, George & Bertie

Ledbetter, Reba

Nelson, Vinus & Jean

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Lee, Robert

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Lemley, Mona

Paul, Grady & Ruth

Lewis, Lorraine

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Linville, Dale

Arterburn, Alma

Berg, Gene & Geneva

Browning, Edna

Cannon, James & Margaret

Dickey, Charles & Dorothy

Fallis, Hazel

Friends & Co–workers @ Lockheed Martin

Herring, Helen

Holder, Robie

Humber, Barbara

Johnson, J.Y. & Jackie

Moulder, Janette

Sparks, Mr. & Mrs. Charles

Stone, Avis

Wolff, Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Longwith, Anita

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Mansell, Viola Mae

Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene

Cook, Nell

Dry, Johnnie

Pressley, Loy & Kaye

Snyder, John & Frances

Martin, Athalee

Paul, Grady & Ruth

McCalip, Al

Rabeck, Olene

McDougal, Butch

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

McLean, Dorothy

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Shipley, George & Bertie

Meeks, Alfred (Bud)

Grant, James & Elwanda

Miller, Ethel

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

Orbison, Ruth

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Parsons, Kay Warder

Cotham, Perry

Patterson, G.O. (Pat)

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Perkins, Georgia

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Peterson, J.J.

Chandler, Charles & Sue

Pope, Anna Lee

Renfro, Richard & Carolyn

Rabeck, Larry

Rabeck, Olene

Reynolds, Mary

Graves, Eileen

Riddle, Darlene

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Robinson, Guy & Wyvonne

Ferguson, Vivian

Roden, Eddie

Brown, Melvin & Pearl

Rogers, Nell

Ross, J.C. & Dessie

Scott, Mary

Wade, Myrtle

Rose, Earl

Benjamin, Dawn

Binkley, Richard & Alicia

Chandler, Charles & Sue

Higgins, Joy

Lake Highland Church

Mitchel, Diane

Roe, Mary Jo

Sheldon, Nelda

Spelee, Buck & Ima Nell

Yates, Dorothy

Rose, Virginia

Chandler, Charles & Sue

McLeroy, Lorene

Rose, Buddy

Brown, Melvin & Pearl

— 5 —

Scott, Evelyn

Garner, Tom & Ouida

Shipley, George & Bertie

Scott, Lester

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Vincent, Roy & Jettie

Scott, Morris

Pior, Marshall & Earlene

Shackleford, Fanny Mae

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Shoemaker, Ernie

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Sinclair, Ann

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Ray, Gary & Lucreta

Smith, Donald

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Smith, Ted

Arterburn, Alma

Carroll, Bruce & Mary

Pendergras, Willa

Sneed, Billie Martin

Cotham, Perry

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Stone, Billy

Cleveland, Deborah

Swift, James

Inglis, Shirley

Thornton, Corinne

Dawdy, Dot

Merriman, Butch & Linda

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

Tomme, Sonny

McNeil, Dick & Barbara

Truitt, Byron

Lewellyn, Jess & Ann

Voorhees, Marguerite

Grimes, Dale & Betty

Watson, Julie

Henson, Harold & Sybil

McLeroy, Lorene

Weatherford, Ken & Fran

Whealty, Margret Ann

Pendergras, Willa

White, Howard

Cotham, Perry

White, Ida

Houston, Travis & Alfreda

Whitehead, Mary Anna

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

Williams, Fred

Bernard, Tom, Marijo & Family

Scott, Mary

Woods, Nancy

Paul, Grady & Ruth


Kaitlyn Reese Bentley

Armstrong, Melvin & Evelyn

Ted & Peggy Teague

Marshall, Murray & Geraldine

Alice Walker

Houston, Travis & Alfreda

Anniversary Honors

Vinus & Jean Nelson (50th)

Graves, Eileen

Bob & Ouida Finley (60th)

Elliott, Bernadine

Lander, Mary

Birthday Honors

Tyler Dollarhide (8th)

Dollarhide Family

Robert Cruse (85th)

Houston, Travis & Alfreda

Wedding Honors

Drew Wessner & Whitney Pickett

Russwurm, Rusty & Sue

Memorials & Honors

March 1 to June 30, 2009

Vendall Dollarhide
Calendar of activities














Nov. 1-4:

Blodgett Church of Christ (Pittsburg, TX)
Youth Summer Series

Grapevine Church of Christ (Grapevine, TX)
Small Group Mission Printing Presentation (PM)

Fort Worth Area Preachers Lunch (Haltom City, TX)
(2nd Tuesday of every month)

League City Church of Christ (League City, TX)
worship (PM)

Longmire Road Church of Christ (Conroe, TX)
Summer Speaker Series

India Mission Trip w/Russel Bell

Keller Church of Christ (Keller, TX)
Summer Speaker Series

Bear Valley Lectureship (Denver, CO)

Mission Printing 30th Anniversary
(11:30 AM – 1:30 PM)

Blodgett Church of Christ (Pittsburg, TX)
Northeast Texas Lectureship

*If your congregation could benefit from a presentation on Mission Printing or a biblical sermon in the absence of your regular preacher, please contact me at Mission Printing. If you're going to be in any of these areas during these dates, we encourage you to come by and visit.

Additional Dates of Upcoming Trips and Speaking Engagements

— 6 —

A Special Tribute from our Volunteers

Our volunteers wanted to take this opportunity to honor an incredible Christian woman: Mary Carroll. Mary joined the Mission Printing family in Dec. 2003. She came on board not knowing what to expect from us and the feeling was mutual. We would soon find out. As one volunteer stated, "Mission Printing was blessed in Dec. 2003"

Mary Carroll truly has been a blessing. She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her. You might find her in the office reading letters from foreign lands, in the collating room helping the volunteers, in the mail room making sure everything is running smoothly, or in the kitchen cleaning. You might even find Mary outside taking care of the recycling. There are no limits to the steps Mary Carroll will take in her service to her Savior and her Christian family.


I am often away from the office preaching or on other trips, however, I never worry if everything is okay at Mission Printing. Where Mary is concerned, you can't misplace trust or love.

The volunteers wanted Mary to know that they are honored to know her and to have her in their lives. Many of our volunteers consider Mary to be one of their daughters. I consider her to be one of my best friends and Christian sisters.

On behalf of Mission Printing workers, thank you, Mary, for your service and unwavering love for everyone you meet.

Vendall Dollarhide

Picture 1, Page 7, March-June 2009 (56K)

Special Project by
Supporters of
Mission Printing

Three of Mission Printing's supporters and volunteers developed a new way that helped raise donations. They created a “Big Man Calendar.” Anyone that has come to Mission Printing lately knows of “Big Man.” He is the cat that belongs to Melvin & Evelyn Armstrong of the Belt Line Road Church of Christ. Helen Thomas, also of Belt Line, has been making outfits for this well-known feline for quite some time.

The Armstrong's and Sister Thomas came up with the idea of creating a 3–year calendar that features “Big Man” in his many outfits. They asked for a $15 donation to Mission Printing for each calendar. All of the proceeds were given to Mission Printing as donations to help in “ world evangelism by the printed page.” At the time of the printing of the newsletter, we had received over $1,600.

Mission Printing would like to offer its appreciation and deepest gratitude to the Armstrongs and Helen Thomas. The “Big Man” calendar was a very creative way to help our mission efforts. All the funds will be used to spread the gospel to lost souls throughout the world. Thank you for keeping Mission Printing in your thoughts and prayers. We would like to thank Melvin, Evelyn, and Helen for being such a vital part of our Mission Printing family.

— 7 —


If you are not on our regular mailing list and you make a memorial donation you will receive the issue of the newsletter in which your memorial appears. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, please let Mission Printing know by contacting Mary Carroll. If we do not hear from you, your name will be removed from the mailing list. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. We are attempting to reduce any expense that is not needed. Thank you for your support and prayers.


(Please print all information)

Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

Please send notice of this gift to:

Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

                          Mailing Address

City                              State                   Zip


Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

                          Mailing Address

City                              State                   Zip


Gift Amount



(Please print all information)

Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

____ Anniversary               _____ Birthday

____ Other _________________________________

Please send notice of this gift to:

Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

                          Mailing Address

City                              State                   Zip


Mr./Mrs./Miss _______________________________

                          Mailing Address

City                              State                   Zip


Gift Amount

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