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A Work of Churches of Christ

Whose Responsibility Is It?

Some years ago there was a shipwreck off the Pacific Northwest coast. A crowd of fishermen in a nearby village gathered to watch the ship as it was smashed into the rocks. A lifeboat was sent to the rescue, and after a terrific struggle, the rescuers came back with all of the shipwrecked sailors but one.

“There was no room in the lifeboat for him, so we asked him to stay by the ship and someone would come back for him,” one of the rescuers explained.

“Who will come with me?” shouted a young man from the crowd.

Just then a little old lady cried out, “Don't go, Jim, my son. Don't go. You are all I have left. Your father was drowned in the sea; your brother William sailed away and we've never heard from him; and now if you are lost, I'll be left alone. Oh, Jim, please don't go.”

Jim listened patiently at his mother's pleading, then said, “Mother, I must go! It is my duty. I must go!"

The onlookers watched as the men in the lifeboat fought their way toward the wreck. Anxiously, Jim's mother wept and prayed. The saw the boat heading back to shore, a frail little shell tossed about by the waves. At last when the boat came close enough to hear, those on shore shouted, “Did you get him?”

And Jim shouted back, “Yes, and tell mother it's her son, William!”

“Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life” (I Timothy 6:18–19).

When you give of yourself unselfishly to help others, you will be rewarded, if not today, then in eternity. A life worth living is a life in service to others and our God. Some of the most joyful people that I have ever met are people that spend their lives putting others first. There are those who might say that you need to put yourself first sometimes, but Jesus says, “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all” (Mark 9:35).

I am often asked what is so great about Mission Printing and what is it that keeps people coming back" It is simple: our volunteers are dedicated to God and to helping lost souls around the world. All of our loving workers come each day knowing that they will get the opportunity to help some thirsty soul find “living water.” These great evangelists come with the hope of serving a soul each and every day. No matter what age a worker, they feel that it is their duty to help others find the great joy that Christ can bring to their lives.

Beginning this month, I will be recognizing one or two of our great workers that give of themselves each and every day.

Vendall. W. Dollarhide     

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Volunteer Corner

I want to begin this section of our newsletter by introducing you to Tom Griffith. Brother Griffith is a member of the New York Avenue Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. He retired last year and quickly became a part of our family. Tom is a quiet man who speaks volumes with his actions. He has learned how to operate our folder, collator, and cutter. Has has also saved Mission Printing time and money by learning how to make repairs on these machines.

Tom makes himself available even when he is not at Mission Printing. If we have a problem with a machine, we do not hesitate to call Bro. Griffith. Tom might not be aware of it, but we view him as a great man of God and a true servant to others. Tom's life is an example to others, not by how much he says, but by what he does. We are all better off by knowing Tom Griffith. If you haven't met Tom yet, then I hope you will take an opportunity to let him know how much you appreciate his dedication to Mission Printing and to lost souls around the world.

Letters From The Fields

Zimbabwe, Central Africa

Beloved Brethren: I greet you all in the dear name of our Lord Jesus Christ. While reading a News Bulletin from you, I learned that Bro. Guy Caskey had passed on. It is really a pity that we have missed his physical presence forever on this earth. However, I will ever live to thank the Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ for the departed great man of God who had labored untiringly to put Jesus Christ into the lives of millions of people worldwide. Even though he is physically gone, his great work in the Lord's vineyard will live on.

When he shall appear before the Lord, I am convinced his good and great works of faith, will win him the eternal crown of glory. Moreover, if God gives us the grace to remain faithful to our time of departure from this earth, too, we shall meet face to face with him in the resurrection morning.

Though I did not know him personally, I have benefited immeasurably from his shared Christian experiences and wonderful teachings. The resources I draw from Mission Printing, the child of his proprietorship, have helped me in successful evangelical outreaches and Bible studies here. I do pray


God the Father to give you brethren there the fortitude to absorb the pains of his transition, and to grant his beloved soul a sound and safe repose at His bosom in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Remain blessed and be consoled.

Malawi, Central Africa

Dear Brother in Christ: I write as I have seen that your helps are very encouraging indeed to reach so many people around the world and especially in Malawi. I write asking if you can really assist us by send the following: songbooks 500 and Why Not Be a Moslem, 50 pounds or more. Our work is the greatest thing. In order to represent the people to God is not a simple thing. We need to be strong people and simple men if we want to bring the lost sheep to eternal life. I will be happy to receive different books for free distribution for evangelism.

Maimba, Malawi, Central Africa

Dear Sir: Your Books Are Our Preachers. I would like to apply for some of your books. In my duty of preaching I am suffering for the lack of knowledge. I need books that can help me to know about God's principles. Here, in Africa, your books are our "Preachers" because they help us know how we can fight for Christianity, converting people, and to have a wide knowledge of God in our daily living. I am looking forward to hearing from you in order to have a deeply seated foundation.


Grace and peace of God be with you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that all things are good with you by the grace of God. I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for having sent to me many books and tracts. I thank you very much. I want to tell you that these wonderful books have overwhelmed me with joy. I am continuing to depend on you for spiritual guidance. May God continue to bless you richly.

Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa

We all continually thank our God for all of you every time we think of you and every time we pray for you all. We pray with joy because of the way in which you have helped us in the work of the gospel from the very first time until now. May God's glory and blessings continually abide with you in all undertakings! We appreciate God for making us to be part of the Ministry. Our contact with you has made us mighty by the word and prayer. We pray that the

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oil of God upon your head continually be fresh on until the day of Christ Jesus.

South Africa

Dear Saints: We write to show our profound gratitude for the materials you sent to us which arrived on April 28, 2004. We used them to prepare many classes and sermons. We have finished distributing them and many souls still need more. Please send more to us with a few hymnbooks. We remain blessed till we hear from you.

Ghana, West Africa

I am here to express my sincere thanks to you for the books that you have posted to me. I received exactly the books that I requested. I assure you that I will do my best to work hard to spread the word of God to many Christian communities in my area by the help of the materials that you have sent me. God bless you and make your work a strong one. May God our Father guide you and your workers.

Mutare, Zimbabwe

We thank you for the back up literature for our campaigns for Christ in Zimbabwe. Last year from July to September the School as on an outreach in some selected places, both urban and rural. A total of 151 souls were baptized and 21 restored to faith. It is commendable to see how the various tracts you sent us played a significant role in assisting to evangelize the gospel.

The Gambia, West Africa

Greetings in Jesus name. We are much thankful for your great job in the Lord. We are happy for your assistance to us. These books are helping us to solve the many, many denominational questions. They are helping very much and are good for Africa. Our preacher is a very, very hard worker, and we dearly love and admire his efforts. He goes around with these books on a daily basis and this is helping many of the denominations to come to the truth. Many who read these books, search for us and this had led to many baptisms.

Delta State, Nigeria

Calvary greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are the sub-headings on one of the books I read: (1) What Must I Do to be Saved? (2) What Church Must I Join? (3) What Must I Do to Stay Saved? (4) How Must I Worship So as to Please


God? After I finished reading the book, I realized that where I worship, that is, Assemblies of God Church, they are not worshiping in truth and in spirit. The doctrine of this church is not in agreement with the scripture. Brethren, I have been searching and longing to see the church of Christ which our Lord and Savior Jesus founded, but I have not seen it. I need your spiritual help.

The Gambia, West Africa

I pray the Lord to increase your years on this planet for us. I am very grateful for the good works you are doing. I read your books and I am delighted. I dearly love your work.

Ghana, West Africa

On behalf of the Old Ningo Church of Christ, we wish to acknowledge receipt of four boxes of printed materials from you. We are most grateful to you for your continuous support of the Lord's work. We therefore want to assure you that we are making efficient use of all the materials you have sent to us for the advancement of the Lord's work.

Cameroon, West Africa

Greetings and thank you immensely for the last gospel material you sent to me for the truthful and prayerful distribution to hungry and thirsty souls. Thank God for your material assistance. Your books have helped me enroll a good number of students to study the Bible. I am praying for you and your ministry. May the Lord bless your labor and sacrifice.

Iwaya, Lagos, Nigeria

Grace and peace be multiplied to you. We are happy to inform you that we have received the books, tracts, Bibles, and hymnbooks you sent to us. These will go a long way for our evangelism and edification. We thank God for His love and grace and you all for your inspirational kindness.

Omoku, Nigeria

We are using this golden opportunity to thank you for all your effort of sending the gospel message to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. The gracious God in His infinite wisdom must bless you abundantly. The church here is just seven years old and with your efforts we are trying to make sure the gospel gets to others despite the fact that denominationalism is its greatest opposition. From our evangilism movement, we have many students.

— 3 —

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