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Mission Printing, Inc.
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Board of Directors
Tom Garner, President
Jack Brady, Vice–President
Doug Jarvis, Secretary
Roy Thomas, Treasurer
Darrell Allen
Calvin Hammons
Richard Renfro
Tom Sarratt, Jr.

Vendall W. Dollarhide
home 817-656-0830
cell 817-504-1834

Office Administrators
Mary Carroll
newsletter, email,
shipping department
communication, volunteer
supervisor, etc.

Jessie Lee Caskey

Alice Walker
bookkeeping, call center,
proofing, etc.


7:00 AM–2:00PM

2007 Accomplishments


46,489,168 pages
1,559 miles
over 75,000 pounds


47,840 pounds

These numbers would be incredible by professional standards. Our workers aren't professional printers. They are men in their 60s who get their strength and commitment from their Savior! These men printed over 1,500 miles of gospel material in 2007!

Our mail room workers, as well as all of our special volunteers, are retired men and women who have an incredible passion for spreading God's word. They personally read every letter that we receive and then ship out material on a weekly basis.

Our workers that collate the books are collating over 5,000 copies a day! Amazing! Especially


when you know that our volunteers are in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s!

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power ...” (II Timothy 1:7). As we age, our bodies get tired; however, it is amazing how much strength we receive from God when our passion and focus is on Him and His Son. If there is one lesson I have learned while being a part of the Mission Printing family, it would have to be this one assurance.

People are starving for the Truth and God is using Mission Printing to feed them. Praise God!

Mission Printing Needs YOUR Help!

God blessed Mission Printing in 2007. We saw the addition of new supporting congregations and individuals, new volunteers, and continued improvements to our ministry. Through a partnership with you, we were able to continue printing and shipping gospel material! Mission Printing mailed over 47,840 pounds lbs. of material to countries throughout the world! All the glory belongs to the Father in heaven. Mission Printing would not exist if it were left to our own strength and understanding, for this ministry is only possible because of the power and love of God and His Son.

We did, however, have some obstacles in the past year. Because of the mailing regulation changes made by the USPS, we saw a considerable increase in our postage expense.


In 2007, we shipped 47,840 lbs. to foreign lands at a cost of $106, 271.50! The majority of the expense (27,347 lbs. @ $84,703.87) came after the postal changes. As a comparison, consider the figures from 2006: 67,292 lbs. @ $71,860.36! The rate rose one again on January 14. We are facing a postage expense of $210,000 in 2008!

We need your help! We are asking for congregations to consider increasing their financial support or to have a special contribution on behalf of Mission Printing. We are also asking individuals to share the news about our ministry and our financial need with other Christian souls who are searching for a Christ–centered ministry to support.

— 1 —

Lewisville, TX
WBS Teacher
Sandy Haney

I wanted to let you know how well the material What the Christian Woman Can Do in the Church is doing. I have sent many of these to different WBS students. The one I call your attention to is a sister in Christ in India who reported, “It was quite an eye–opener!” She was indicating that she had seen some things that are not permitted by God for Christian women to do or perform in His church.

I hope this was as encouraging to you as it was to me.

Pangasinan, Philippines
Calasiao Church of Christ
Roberto Q. Indong

Your continued concern, thoughtfulness, and prayers for us will unequivocally culminate to the edification of the church here. Mission Printing will also aid in bringing more souls to Christ and finding their eternal salvation.

Chisombezi, Malawi
Church of Christ Center
Daniel Mlebe

Thank you for the gospel books being sent to our center. The material is very profitable for evangelism. The small books seem to open doors into people's souls that we thought were unreachable. We have been amazed by the people that have responded to the material from Mission Printing!

Kumba, Cameroon
Mboe Glenn Besong

The material that Mission Printing has been sending is of great value in our evangelism efforts. More and more Cameroonians are developing an interest in God

“We are praying that you can continue to send us Biblically sound material despite the obstacle of th ever increasing postage rates!”

Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
WBS Follow–up Teacher
John Ehimlyein

I received your material in good order. I am so grateful for them. I have started sharing the song books with the congregations that needed them, especially the newly established ones. I shall also give Bibles out to those that cannot afford to buy a copy/

I greatly appreciate all that you are doing to help me and others in our country to spread God's word. I am so grateful to God for having put Mission Printing in this part of the world! There is not much we could do without you!

Page 2, picture 1, Sign with Sycamore Church of Christ

Cookeville, Tennessee
The Sycamore Church of Christ is one of the US congregations using the Mission Printing Material for local evangelism. Congregations such as Sycamore and following the path of Jesus by not compromising the Truth. We commend the Sycamore Church of Christ of Cookeville, TN.

Baguio City, Philippines
Midtown Church of Christ
Jonathan “JoJo” Ramos

Thank you again for hearing our call. I praise our Father in heaven for brethren like you that are willing to share these precious gifts with us. The Mission Printing books are great tools for us to minister God's word in this area of the world.

We received all of the material in good condition and we have begun to distribute the books. We display the books in our Family Life Center. The Mission Printing books are considered “hot items!” Many visitors take them. The seed is being spread and planted. Our building is located in the center of the city, so we are being visited by preachers and teachers that make us of our library. It is extremely difficult to acquire sound gospel material and Bible studies, so Mission Printing is essential to our ministry in the Philippines.

“Your ministry will leave an unequaled legacy in Biblical studies and world evangelism!”

Seke, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe
Conrad Tafirenyika, Tsiga

I really appreciate the great work that Mission Printing is doing through the printed page. Zimbabweans are people who love to read. Even if you throw out a tract or booklet, people will run for them and they will take the time to read whatever they can get.

I thank you for sending me the books. They are being prayerfully used and many people are turning to Christ because of these lessons.

Please continue to send us more books, even if they are old ones. They will all be used to the glory of God.

— 2 —

Chisombeze, Malawi
The The Church of Christ Center provides Mission Printing material as well as
other Biblically sound material to anyone that comes. This is a picture on a
day that a shipment from Mission Printing had just arrived.

Kumba, Cameroon
Cameroon Christian Secondary
Tabi Martins Ameli

We have had a problem with shipping and postage ban for a few years now. Because of this problem, we did not receive material from Mission Printing during this time and the effects were felt throughout the church. Thank God that the ban has been lifted. Mission Printing can once again send Biblical material to Cameroon, but this can only be done at an increased cost.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

I have read your wonderful books and I love them! They have helped me in my Christian walk. I have received many blessings from studying them. Please send more material that will help me to grow and teach others.

“I am so grateful to God for putting Mission Printing in this part of the world! There is not much we could do without you!”

Ezinihitte Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria
Church of Christ Aron Mbutu I
Theophilus Njoku

We wanted to thank you so much for sending the material to our congregation. The books have been very helpful in our evangelism efforts.

We are constantly praying for Mission Printing and that God continue to bless you as you work in His vineyard.

Agabado, Ogun State, Nigeria

We wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the material that we recently received.

Your ministry will leave an unequaled legacy in Biblical studies and world evangelism!

The spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fire of evangelism which you have kept burning is alive in Nigeria. Thank you for your love for ALL souls!

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Vadapalani Church of Christ, G.J. Prabhu Doss

I am a full time minister and very much interested in ministry “by the printed page.” I was delighted to see your piece of literature called Bible References which came with a correspondence course lesson to my son. It is really a great work and it is very useful to laymen as well as to preachers.

I have noticed that you print over 80 books on numerous topics from the Bible as well as studies on denominations. We appreciate Mission Printing's great job for the cause of Christ. We therefore request that you send us your sound material so that we can edify local congregations and to evangelize people throughout India. We strongly believe that the Mission Printing material will be useful to the church, schools, and local outreach in our corner of the world.

Chitimba, Rumphi, Malawi
Chitimba Church of Christ
Hawkins Nyirenda

Thank you very much for the great number of books that you sent our congregation. The material is helping us spread the undefiled gospel among the lost.

We are praying that you can continue to send us Biblically sound material despite the obstacle of the ever increasing postage rates!

Chegutu, Zimbabwe
Chegutu Church of Christ
Shorayi Mubvumbi

We are kindly requesting that you send us some material for our 2008 Evangelism Campaign. We need about 500 copies of each title. We can break up the request into smaller shipments if the request is too large.

Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria
James Obika is a WBS follow–up teach. Brother
Obika utilizes the Mission Printing material in his
ministry in Nigeria.

— 3 —

Anderson, Billy & Shirley
Anderson, Roetta & Willie Lou
Anderson, Russell & Denise
Andrews, Faye
Arterburn, Alma
Ashworth, Ilene
Atherton, Eddie & Deborah
Atherton, Hilah & Eddie
Austin, James & Janet
Bailey, John & Rosalyn
Balch, Chris & Amy
Ballew, Robert
Ballew, Roy & Evelyn
Bankhead, Homer
Barker, Clifford & Audrey
Beavers, Gene & Joyce
Bell, Art & Fern
Benedict, Larry & Pat
Berg, Gene & Geneva
Betty, Michael
Berry, Robert
Bishop, Faye
Bishop, Pat
Blackford, Tom & Shirley
Boren, Mr. & Mrs. Maxie
Bothwell, George
Bradshaw, Curtis & Wilma
Bragg, James & Regina
Braziel, Scherry
Brewer, Keith & LaRue
Brinkley, Donna
Brown, Angie
Brown, Melvin & Pearl
Bryant, Oris & Tommie
Busby, Mary
Campbell, Joyce
Cannefax, Ron & Helen
Carrico, Gerald & Sally
Carroll, Bruce & Mary
Carroll, Eugene & Loretta
Caskey, Jessie Lee
Caskey, Louise
Cathy, Emery & Ann Zene
Cato, Christelle
Cedar Hill C of C (Fellowship Group)
Cedar Hill C of C (Ladies Class)
Chandler, Charles & Sue
Chandlor, Marguerite
Cleveland, Deborah
Clinton, Ray & Helen
Cobb, R.C.
Coker, Norma
Coleman, Don & Frances
College St. C of C (Ladies Class)
Conyers, Betty & Thomas
Cook, Nell
Cotham, Perry

Cox, Margie
Craycraft, Ray & Daphne
Cruse, Bob & Shirlee
Cummings, Dollie
Dabney, Mattie
Dalhstrom, Kerstin
Daniel, Jimmy & Eva
Dawdy, Dot
Dickey, Charles & Dorothy
Dixon, Mickey & Kathryn
Dollarhide, Vendall & Elizabeth
Drake, Calvin & June
Dray, Allan
Dry, Johnnie
Dunham, Jean
Fallis, Hazel
Farquhar, Jean
Finley, David
Finley, Mark
Finley, Robert & Ouida
Fisher, Murphy & Paula
Friends @ Handley C of C
Fry, Dorothy
Fultz, David & Maxine
Garner, Frances
Garner, Tom & Ouida
George, Joe & Jane
Good, Dorothy
Grant, James & Elwanda
Graves, Eileen
Gray, Mary Archie
Grimes, Dale & Betty
Guthrie, Morris & Melba
Hales, Bud & Billie
Hall, Don & Vivian
Hall, Dorothy
Hammons, Calvin & Betty
Harbison, Dale & Amy
Harris, Joyce
Hartin, Hubert & Walterrene
Harvill, Joseph & Charlotte
Henson, Harold & Sybil
Herriage, Bob & Sue
Hill, Frances
Hiltibidal, Jessie
Hinson, John & Pat
Hobby, David & Karen
Hodge, Mr. & Mrs. John
Holloway, Robert & Billie
Holveck, Morris & Joyce
Horn, Joyce
Houston, Travis & Alfreda
Isom, Richard & Teressa
Itawamba Campaign for Christ
Jaynes, Tolbert
Jennings, John & Oleta
Jewett, Wilma
Johnson, J.Y. & Jackie
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. John
Johnson, Roy & Addie
Jones, Katherine
Jones, Linda

Kemplin, Carl & Anna
Key, Tommy
Kirk, Curtis & Mae
Kiser, Charlie & Lynette
Lackey, Elijah & Evelyn
Laguna, Albert & Sarah
Lauderdale, Robbie & Susan
Lewellyn, Jess & Ann
Lewis, Ray & Barbara
Linscomb, Jordan & Nelda
Lipscomb, Wayland & Mary Nell
Litton, Mrs. J.D.
Longley, Lola
MacLeod, Ed & Nan
Mann, Marie
Martin, Ellen
Massey, A.C. & Janet
Mathews, Mr. & Mrs. Carol
Mathis, Gay
Mayer, Lewis & Anna
McBroom, Connie
McCauley, Ruth
McClung, Paul & Lucille
McCrary, Jim & Sue
McKee, Doris
McLeroy, Lorene
McNeil, Dick & Barbara
Middleton, Bob & Lavelle
Milam, L.S.
Miller, David & Bonnie
Moore, Sybil & Eddie
Morrison, bob & Mona
Morrow, Glen & Claudine
Moulder, Janette
Mullins, Rick
Nelson, Agnes
Nelson, Vinus & Jean
Newton, Onnie
Niles, Caddie
Oak Cliff Amity Book Review Club
Odom, Grace
Padermos, John & Dorothy
Parker, Richard & Beverly
Parker, William & Teresa
Parks, Naoma
Parrish, Robert & Margaret
Patten, B.J. & Dorothy
Paul, Grady & Ruth
Pearcy Estate (Odeal Pearcy)
Pearson, Bobby & Faye Ann
Pendergras, Rick
Pendergras, Willa
Philley, George & Edith
Pittmon Family Chiropractic Center
Post, Bobbie
Pressley, Loy & Kaye
Preston, Jim
Rains County Appraisal District
Ramirez, Paul & Lottie Same
Rankin, Kirk
Rawdon, Daphne
Ray, Clary & Lucreta

Reddell, Jimmie
Reed, Marcelene
Reinhardt, Peggy
Rhodes, Doris
Richardson, Cutah
Richey, Lewis & Lola
Roark, Daniel
Roberson, Marcus
Robinson, Guy & Wyvonne
Robison, David & Sandra
Rose, Earl & Virginia
Russwurm, Rusty & Sue
Rye, C.D. & Joan
Samsill, Loretta
Sanderson, Alma
Savage, Jerome & Leah
Scott, David & Linda
Sheldon, Nelda
Shipley, George & Bertie
Shour, Carol
Shumate, Dean & Margaret
Smith, Chester & Mary
Smith, Dillon & Joyce
Smith, Sandra
Snipes, Patricia
Snyder, John & Frances
Sparks, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Springer, Wilson & Frances
Stidolph, Rob & Deb
Sullivan, Guy & Elaine
Tarver, Cleo & Judy
Teague, John & Juanita
Thomas, Nancy
Thompson, Doris
Thornton, Charles & Norma
Tobias, Frank & Carol
Tolleson, William & Mira
Tye, Andra
Ugwunna, Chidi
Underwood, Eugene & Mary Anne
Vincent, Roy & Jettie
Wade, Rozalea
Walker, Doris & Janie
Walling, Harold & Theda
Wasner, Hans & Mary
Weatherford, Ken & Fran
Webb, Dean & Joy
West, Everett & Wanda
Westfall, Steven & Pamela
Wharton, Wally & Eloise
Whitaker, Marlin & Betty
White, Bill & Mary
Wilburn, Bob & Jo
Wilkin, Deborah
Wilson, Roby
Winchell, Myrtle
Winkler, Paul & Mary Lou
Wise, Wilbert & Lynn
Wright, Neil & Becky
Yarborough, Larry & Shirley
Young, Dub & LaVerne

— 4 —

Belt Line Rd. Church of Christ (Irving, TX) 210
Briar Church of Christ (Azle, TX) 50
Bridgewood Church of Christ (Ft. Worth, TX) 312
Brown Trail Church of Christ (Bedford, TX)R350
Cedar Hill Church of Christ (Cedar Hill, TX)R706
Cherokee Hills Church of Christ (Oklahoma City, OK) 300
Church of Christ Bellville (Bellville, TX)R73
Church of Christ Ghana Mission (Camden, AR) ?
Church of Christ Howe (Howe, TX)R165
College Hill Church of Christ (N. Richland Hills, TX)R380
College St. Church of Christ (Waxahacie, TX) R600
Concord Street Church of Christ (Orlando, FL) 400
Crawford County Church of Christ (Marengo, IN) ?
Crestview Church of Christ (Waco, TX) 646
Crockett Church of Christ (Senatobia, MS) 60
East Gadsden Church of Christ (Gadsden, AL) 140
Eastland Church of Christ (Ft. Worth, TX) 175
Emory Church of Christ (Emory, TX)R133
Fayetteville Church of Christ (Fayetteville, GA)R241

First Street Church of Christ (Lampasas, TX) 272
4th & Stewart Church of Christ (Brownwood, TX) R120
Handley Church of Christ - Friends of (Ft. Worth, TX) 200
Hiwasse Church of Christ (Hiwasse, AR)R55
Itawamba Campaign for Christ (Belmont, MS)?
Ivanhoe Church of Christ (Ivanhoe, TX)R36
Liberty Hill Church of Christ (Liberty Hill, TX)R90
Longmire Road Church of Christ (Conroe, TX)R200
Longview Church of Christ (Longview, TX)R200
Nettleton Church of Christ (Jonesboro, AR) 450
Ovilla Church of Christ (Ovilla, TX) 280
Parkview Church of Christ (Odessa, TX) 80
Simmons Street Church of Christ (Denton, TX) 138
South Germantown Rd. Church of Christ (Memphis, TN)?
Terlingua Church of Christ (Terlingua, TX) 7
University Church of Christ (Tyler, TX)R310
West Freeway Church of Christ (Ft. Worth, TX)R675
Wills Point Church of Christ (Wills Point, TX)R220
Woodland Oaks Church of Christ (Spring, TX) 330

R – regular financial supporter
# of members follow each congregation
? – # of members not known

Belt Line Church of Christ (Irving, TX)
Briar Church of Christ (Azle, TX)
Brown Trail Church of Christ (Bedford, TX)
Cedar Hill Church of Christ (Cedar Hill, TX)
College Hill Church of Christ (North Richland Hills, TX)
College Street Church of Christ (Waxahachie, TX)
Crowley Church of Christ (Crowley, TX)
Downtown Church of Christ (Cedar Hill, TX)
Emory Church of Christ (Emory, TX)
Grand Saline Church of Christ (Grand Saline, TX)
Handley Church of Christ (Fort Worth, TX)
Highland Church of Christ (Fort Worth, TX)
Longmire Road Church of Christ (Conroe, TX)

Longview Church of Christ (Longview, TX)
New York Avenue Church of Christ (Arlington, TX)
North Davis Church of Christ (Arlington, TX)
Northwest Church of Christ (Arlington, TX)
Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ (Arlington, TX)
Richland Hills Church of Christ (North Richland Hills, TX)
Robinson Road Church of Christ (Grand Prairie, TX)
South Main Church of Christ (Weatherford, TX)
Springtown Church of Christ (Springtown, TX)
University Church of Christ (Tyler, TX)
West Freeway Church of Christ (Fort Worth, TX)
Willow Park Church of Christ (Willow Park, Tx)
Wills Point Church of Christ (Wills Point, TX)

— 5 —

dec2007_jan20087_heading1p6 (245 x 129) (12K)


Anderson, Gwen

Tarver, Cleo & Judy

Arterburn, Ernest

Arterburn, Alma

Bates, Glynn

Cothan, Perry

Grand Prairie Chapter AARP

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Minton, Russell & Payrene

Beck, Faye

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Brownlee, Juanita

Garner, Frances

Carroll, Hank

Walker, Dorris & Janie

Carter, Tony

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Caskey, Guy

Griffus, Leslie & Mary Lou

Padermos, John & Dorothy

Cohen, Ann C.

Ray, Gary & Lucreta

Coleman, Carl

Cotham, Perry

Corbett, Rita

Corbett, James

Cotham, Teresa

Lauderdale, Robbie & Susan

MacLeod, Ed & Nan

Davies, Don & Betty

Tobias, Frank & Carol

Day, Bill

Garner, Frances

Drew, Betty

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Dunham, Ernest

Dunham, Jean

Dunn, Frank

Wasner, Hans & Mary

England, David

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Fisher, Paula

Cherry, Tom & Jean

Fisher, Murphy

Fowler, Fred

Chandler, Charles & Sue

Fuller, Mattie

Cotham, Perry

Garrett, Weldon

Crayeraft, Ray & Daphne

Gunter, Don

Gunter, Peggy

Guth, Tony

Paul, Grady & Ruth

Hale, Virginia

Garner, Frances

Hall, Mary Ann

Cruse, Bob & Shirlee

Halm, Mary Ruth

Friends @ Handley Church of Christ

Hammons, Doylet

Arterburn, Alma

Autry, Edith

Banks, Jerry & Judy

Barker, Clifford & Audrey

Bell, Art & Fern

Benton, Frank & Sue

Bragg, James & Regina

Brown, Fred & Edna

Bryant, Oris & Tommie

Carroll, Eugene & Loretta

Carroll, Mary

Coker, Norma

Dean, Randal & Martha

Dilks, Mr. & Mrs. Donald

Dollarhide, Vendall & Elizabeth

Giles, Billie

Hamilton, Carel

Hammons, Calvin & Betty

Harlow Family, Charles & Verbenda

Harston, Frank & Sylvia

Henson, Harold & Sybil

Jenkins, Alvin & Ellen

Johnson, J.Y. & Jackie

Kiser, Charles & Lynette

Lipscomb, Wayland & Mary Nell

McKinney Family, Kelly & Denise

McKinney, Greg & Kellen

McKinney, James & Estelle

McLeroy, Lorene

Mitchell, John & Polly

Mock, J.T. & Thelma

Odom, Grace

Pendergras, Ricky

Pendergras, Tom & Family

Pendergras, Willa

Rawdon, Daphne

Robinson, Guy & Wyvonne

Russwurm, Rusty & Sue

Samdel, James & Elaine

Sanders, Ronald & Linda

Shive family, Chuck & Lisa

Southwest Air Equipment

Thomas, Melba

Walker, Corilla

Walling, Harold & Theda

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Winkler, Paul & Mary Lou

Woodward, Daisy

Young, Dub & LaVerne

Hargrove, Billie

Anderson, Bill & Shirley

Anderson, Mr. & Mrs. Frank

Carroll, Mary

Dollarhide, Vendall & Elizabeth

Grant, James & Elwanda

Holloway, Robert & Billie

Isom Family

Harston, Jeff (J.C.)

Garner, Frances

Harston, Frank & Sylvia

Kiser, Charlie & Lynette

Hartin, Kendall Lynn

Beavers, Gene & Joyce

Shipley, George & Bertie

Heath, Joann

Templeton, Joann

Hensley, Pauline

Friends @ Handley church of Christ

Hoefar, Clarence

Chanslor, Marguerite

Church of Christ Terulingua

Hoffman, Glenda

Wade, Rozalea

Holland, Roy

Guthrie, Morris & Melba

Howard, M.J.

Chandler, Charles & Sue

Johnson, Mary Catherine

Johnson, Catherine

Jones Sr., Jimmy C.

Jones, Charles & Dorothy

Kimmel, Mattie

Arteburn, Alma

Carroll, Bruce & Mary

King, Frank

Thornton, Charles & Norma

Kinslow, Wayne

Cathey, Emery & Ann Zene

Dry, Johnnie

Pressley, Loy & Kaye

Snyder, John & Frances

Little, Connie

Stanglin, Ernest & Jackie

Cotham, Perry

McLean, Barbara (Babe)

Austin, Mr. & Mrs. Donald

McLeroy, Hiram R.

McLeroy, Lorene

Moore, Grover

Bob Finley Family

Neely, Ima Jean

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Overby, Laurel

Lauderdale, Robbie & Susan

Owen, Harold

Arteburn, Alma

Dawdy, Dot

Johnson, J.Y. & Jackie

— 6 —

Pledger, Johnny

Arnett, Hazel

Austin, Mr. & Mrs. Donald

Burnham, Virginia

Dollarhide, Vendall & Elizabeth

Farquhar, Jean

Hutsell, Larry

Randolph, Oscar & Mala

Arterburn, Alma

Roland, Margie

Austin, Mr. & Mrs.

Shaw, Wren

Wasner, Hans & Mary

Skipworth, Inex Caskey

Caskey, Louise

Smith, Ruth

Arterburn, Alma

Carroll, Bruce & Mary

Snider, Bob

Lauderdale, Robbie & susan

White, Charles

White, Bill & Mary

Wilson, Ruth

McClung, Paul & Lucille


All Mission Printing Workers

Russwurn, Rusty & Sue

Jessie Lee Caskey

Griffus, Leslie & Mary Lou

Lewellyn, Jess & Ann

Padermos, John & Dorothy

Thomas & Ouida Garner

Blankenship, Morris & Sondra

Marquerite Malone

Morgan, Bill & Jane

Robert & Sue Walker

Martin, Ellen

Harold & Theda Walling

Martin, Ellen

Anniversary Honors

Sam & Betty Hardine (39the)

The Dollarhide Family

Birthday Honors

Caleb Dollarhide (9th)

The Dollarhide Family

Larry Brown (33rd)

The Dollarhide Family

Mike Dollarhide (35th)

The Dollarhid Family

Jimmy Rowlett (60th)

The Dollarhide Family

Myrtle Winchell (88th)

Wight, John & Nancy

Memorials & Honors
November 28, 2007 to
January 31, 2008

Board of Trustees Selects New Board Members

Calvin Hammons of the South Main Church of Christ in Weatherford, TX

Brother Hammons has been married to his wonderful wife, Betty, for almost 57 years. They enjoy their two children, Andrea and Rex, and their families. Brother hammons brings the women from the South Main congregation to work at Mission Printing. He and Betty have been members of the South Main Church of Christ since 1994. Calvin served for 13 years as an elder of the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ in Arlington, TX.

Brother Hammons has a deep love for Christ and His body. It's because of this deep love that he has been a part of the Mission Printing family for all of these years. Calvin is admired in his community and respected in his church. I have been blessed to be associated with Brother Hammons for several years. He leads by example and he follows the example of Jesus. Calvin Hammons is a great addition to the leadership of Mission Printing. Of course, he was viewed as a leader long before being appointed in this official capacity.

Darrell Allen of the Belt Line Road Church of Christ in Irving, TX

Brother Allen was born in Dallas in 1965 and has been married to his lovely wife Melissa for 15 years. They have three children: Nathan 13, Scot 11, and Kayla 7. Darrell and Melissa are overjoyed at the recent baptism of Nathan. Darrell has lived in Irving since 1994 and has been an insurance agent with Texas Farm Bureau for the last 8 years.

Brother Allen has been attending Beltline Road since 1990 where he met Melissa. He became a deacon in July of 1998. His responsibilities include overseeing the young people and making sure the Lord's Supper is brought to the shut-ins, sick-at-home, or hospitalized. Darrell is also one of the four men who regularly lead the singing during worship and he has taught the teen Bible class on Sundays since 1994.

Darrell brings a high level of energy and leadership. I have also discovered that he has a humorous personaity, as can be noted from reading his description of himself: “I am a pudgy faced, bowlegged pygmy who doesn't like pina coladas or getting caught in the rain."

The Mission Printing family is looking forward to working with Brother Hammons and Brother Allen to spread the gospel across the globe. Mission Printing is blessed to have these men join us in our mission and to guide us.

— 7 —


If you are not on our regular mailing list and you make a memorial donation, you will receive the issue of the newsletter in which your memorial appears. If you wish to continue receiving the newsletter, please let Mission Printing know by contacting Mary Carroll. If we do not hear from you, your name will be removed from the mailing list. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause. We are attempting to remove any expense that is not needed. Thank you for your support and prayers.


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