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A Work of Churches of Christ

Putting It Into Practice

A little girl whose parents had died lived with her grandmother and slept in an upstairs bedroom. One night there was a fire in the house. The fire spread quickly and the first floor of the house was soon engulfed in flames. The grandmother perished while trying to rescue the child.

Neighbors called the fire department, then stood helplessly by, unable to enter the house because flames blocked all the entrances. The little girl appeared at an upstairs window, crying for help, just as word spread among the crowd that the firefighters would be delayed a few minutes because they were at another fire.

Suddenly, a man appeared with a ladder, put it up against the side of the house and disappeared inside. When he reappeared, he had the little girl in his arms. He delivered the child to the waiting arms below, then disappeared into the night. An investigation revealed that the child had no living relatives, and weeks later a meeting was held in the town hall to determine who would take the child into their home and bring her up.

A teacher said she would like to raise the child. She pointed out that she could ensure a good education. A farmer pointed out that living on a farm was healthy and satisfying. Others spoke, giving their reasons why it was to the child's advantage to live with him. Finally, the town's richest resident arose and said, "I can give this child all the advantages that you have mentioned here, plus financial security and everything that money can buy."

Throughout all this, the child remained silent, her eyes on the floor.

“Does anyone else want to speak?” asked the chairperson. A man came forward from the back of the hall. His walk was slow and he seemed in pain. When he got to the front of the room, he stood directly before the little girl and held out his arms. The crowd gasped. His hands and arms were terribly scarred. With a leap, the little girl threw her arms around the man's neck, holding on for dear life. “This is the man who rescued


me!” she cried out. She buried her face in his shoulder and sobbed for a few moments. Then she looked up and smiled at him.

“This meeting is adjourned,” said the chairperson.

Everyone in this story had good motives in wanting the little girl to live with them; however, it was only when she saw the man that went beyond words that she truly knew she had found her new home.

Satan will try to convince us that it would be in our best interest to live in the world and to make it our home. He will attempt to show all of his “great” qualities that he can offer. The Devil will say, “I care about you and I want the best life for you.” Jesus did not merely tell you that He loves you, but He proved His love for you by His actions. Jesus shows that He loves you by His scars and He wants the best eternal life for you.

“God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

–Romans 5:8

Mission Printing is attempting to go beyond merely words of encouragement. We are showing the people of the world that there is a great home waiting for them and that they can have the eternal happiness that has seemed out of their reach throughout their lives. This is not a temporary job for us; it is a life-long mission that encompasses all of our being. Our mission is not an easy one and or an inexpensive one.

Mission Printing is relying on you to join us in this massive endeavor. The present financial times have hurt people around this country and closed many companies. As Christians, we are not exempt from these trying times. Mission Printing has been affected deeply. We have lost many of our contributors due to these turbulent times or to death. Many of the congregations that support us have had to

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Volunteer Corner

I want to recognize a true worker for the Lord this month. Marvin Brown. Brother Brown is a member of the Beltline Road Church of Christ in Irving. Mission Printing is honored to have him as one of its board members. He has served for many years in the guidance and direction of Mission Printing.

Marvin is also the one who handles our paper recycling. He frequently loads the used paper, usually more than one trip, and takes it to the recycling station. This is a responsibility where Bro. Brown would welcome any assistance.

This Christ-filled man has also been taking care of our grounds. He has been mowing the lot for years, even in the heat of the summer months. He has always done this at no charge. However, due to health reasons, Brother Brown will no longer be able to mow the property. We appreciate all the years that he has taken care of this responsibility. If you see Marvin Brown anytime soon, please let him know how much you appreciate his dedication to the service of the Lord and for putting it into practice.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and taking over the responsibility of mowing the grounds, let Mission Printing know.


Letters From The Fields

Cameroon, Central Africa

We are writing to express our appreciation for the wonderful work that you are doing through the printed page. The tracts, Bibles, and hymn books that you send have been a great asset in leading souls to Christ.

Edo State, Nigeria

May the peace, love, grace, and blessings from above be multiplied to you all. I received the cartons of printed material and the tract. “What Must I Do To Be Saved?” at the exact time that we needed them. We are indeed very grateful to Mission Printing. May God continue to shine His blessings on Mission Printing and everyone involved with the work. You are helping us to save souls from their sins.

Taraba State, Nigeria

Please accept our appreciation for the good news we have been hearing about your ministry through able ministers of God in our country. We came across Mission Printing through materials you sent another church. This has stimulated our interest to teach and spread the gospel to lost souls and to increase our spiritual growth.

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make necessary cuts in their financial commitment. Our donations have diminished, while our expenses have not. We are praying that you can help us by raising your present financial support or by spreading the message of our needs to other potential contributors, both individual and congregational.

You can give to Mission Printing in several ways:

1) One Time Donation
2) Regular Donation
(weekly, monthly, or annually)
3) Memorials
(remember a loved one in this special way)
4) Honorariums
(honor someone by spreading the Truth)
5) Insurance Policies
(name Mission Printing as a beneficiary)
6) Wills
(remember Mission Printing in your will)

Mission Printing is not merely looking to tomorrow; we are focusing on eternity. We are striving to bring the saving message of Christ to every soul that has not heard and believed. Through your love and generosity, the ongoing and ever increasing requests for gospel material and Bibles will not go unanswered. You influence and that of Mission Printing, will be forever felt by souls around the world. The lost will hear the Truth found in Jesus because of your support and love.

It is the intent of Mission Printing that the gospel in its purity, power, and perfection will continue to be spread into all the world, free from any false theories or doctrines. The future holds many uncertainties, but we plan to pursue this work as long as our support continues, and the Lord provides a way. After all, the Lord left His church in the world that we may see that it goes to “the uttermost part of the earth.”

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”                – Mark 16:15

Vendall W. Dollarhide

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Printed tracts and booklets are one of the most effective ways of spreading the gospel wherever Christians may live. For centuries printed materials have been a valuable asset to reach people with the gospel. Most Americans probably cannot appreciate the value of printed Bibles and Biblical teaching materials in what is normally called Third World Nations. Those are nations that are in Africa, India, South America, etc. where people live in poverty and chances of an education are rather limited. Anything that is printed is usually read and passed on to others.

In our work in Africa, we found printed materials very important in our evangelistic efforts. We were blessed by being supplied with tracts, Bibles and other Christian printed materials written and published by brethren here in the U.S., like Mission Printing. Many times while we were traveling through "bush" or rural areas, we would pass villages where groups of people were gathered for various reasons or simply going about their every day duties. They would quit what they were doing to watch us drive through and would usually smile and wave. We did not always have time to stop and visit with them as we were already booked for another village. However, we always carried printed tracts with us and would simply throw them out of the windows of the vehicle so the people could have access to them. There would be a rush to retrieve the tracts and all of them were immediately scooped up by the people. We would sometimes travel back to the village or a village close by and readers of the tracts would come to our gospel meetings. They would


know Christ because of what they had read and what they were hearing. Many brought their tracts with them to the services and they would ask questions prompted by what they had read. The tracts were usually dirty from overuse, constant handling and from being passed around from one to another. The content of the tracts had either answered questions that the readers had or prompted questions about things that they did not understand. A combination of printed tracts, booklets, public preaching, and the answering of questions always resulted in conversions and the planting of new congregations.

Here in the W.B.S. office, I get literally dozens of requests each month either by letter or email from overseas asking for Bibles and printed materials. Many are looking for Christian material for their own personal study. We try to send such individual's name and address to one of our W.B.S. teachers who then send our correspondence courses. However, W.B.S. teachers and churches also keep tracts and other materials constantly on hand to send to their students who ask questions about a particular topic. Many of our W.B.S. teachers use Mission Printing as a resource for obtaining tracts that they need to send to their students. Other requests come in form evangelists who as for tracts and other printed material as well as Bibles. We can always refer them to Mission Printing and other of our brotherhood folks who are glad to furnish free printed materials that can be used in an evangelistic work. Printed materials open doors, answer questions, stabilize individual Christians, and help churches grow. They serve well in the spread of the gospel


Another advantage of printed tracts and booklets is the diversity of subjects that can be written, printed, and made available to readers. Many topics are available and sent by Mission Printing to people throughout the world who are searching for answers. Evangelists usually work with those who have not yet become Christians and need tracts and printed booklets that will help teach their friends, neighbors, and even their enemies. Subjects like baptism, the church, what it means to be a Christian, as well as other topics that are important to people's souls are especially of interest. Often, there is not enough time to discuss all the subjects that concern the prospective Christian. Tracts on a number of subjects can be left so that the prospect can read and study the subjects that are of particular interest interest and answer his or her needs. Oral preaching is very essential to the spread of the gospel, but one of the problems with such an effort is that it is difficult to cover all of the needs of the listeners. We used to set up a tent and preach through the weekend and we still were unable to cover all of the topics that needed to be discussed or answer all of the questions that our audience had. Tracts and printed materials left for the people were able to answer questions that we did not have time to cover.

Mission Printing is very effective to the spread of the gospel. The materials they produce in one sense are “paper missionaries” that go often where live missionaries cannot. Mission Printing assists missionaries, evangelists, and local congregations in their outreach to the people around them. The printed page still remains constant and needed, even in these “modern” times.

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