“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’ ” (Mark 16:15).


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Mission Printing was founded in the late 1970's by Guy and Jessie Lee Caskey and other dedicated Christians. Guy began preaching the gospel at the age of sixteen and continued his ministry until the end of his life in March 2003. After numerous years spent in local work, he and Jessie Lee spent five years in South Africa (1949- 1954), three years in East Africa (1957-1960), and five years in Jamaica (1970-1974) working in the mission field. More than forty years ago while directing the Tanganyika Bible School in East Africa, he saw the need and dreamed of providing free gospel literature to people in Third World (Emerging Nations) countries. Guy's vision of sending the gospel message into all the world by the printed page eventually resulted in the founding of Mission Printing.

Some of this work was begun during the early 1970's while Guy taught at the School of Preaching and Biblical Studies in Kingston, Jamaica. However, it did not become a large-scale operation until he stepped down from the pulpit ministry at North Davis Church of Christ in Arlington, Texas. At first, the program of writing, printing and sending the message of salvation to many countries over the world began in two large rooms added on to his house. Soon the work outgrew this facility and was relocated to a room provided in the (then) new North Davis Church of Christ building (formally Randol Mill Church of Christ). However, in a short time this proved to be far too small and crowded. Soon, a fairly new, large building, divided into fourteen rooms was purchased, and Mission Printing has been in this building since 1987. Housed in this building is all the equipment necessary to print and ship a large volume of gospel literature each year. The facility also provides adequate accommodations for our volunteer workers.

Guy was the first director for Mission Printing. He served for more than twenty years, from the start of the work until declining health forced him to retire a few years ago. Even then, he continued his writing and came to the building whenever his health permitted. Guy felt strongly that this work was accomplishing much good in spreading the message of salvation to lost souls of the world. It was his hope that this work would continue long after his life was over. We are greatly appreciative for the vision, the work, and all the efforts which Guy and Jessie Lee contributed over the years in making Mission Printing a success.


In 1987, a plaque honoring Guy and Jessie Lee for their tireless work and contribution to the success of Mission Printing was placed on our building.