About Us

Mission Printing, a work of churches of Christ, is an incorporated, non–profit organization, entirely supported by donations. It has an independent board of directors and is not directly associated with any particular congregation of the church. It was established to provide Bible oriented teaching and study literature to missionaries in many countries around the world, at no cost to them, and is dedicated to bringing the Gospel of our Lord and Savior to a hurting world. Mission Printing uses the Word of God as its guide and inspiration. It is our hope and prayer that our publications will help open the hearts of the lost and will spark an interest in the Bible and Christ.

Spreading the Word

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’ ” (Mark 16:15). Jesus gave this command to His disciples after He had arisen from the grave. How can we take this commandment and preach the gospel to the world?

One of the greatest ways that people are being taught today is by the printed page. Few of us can travel to all corners of the world, but the printed page can go where most people cannot. Our publications, consisting of Bible oriented lessons and study materials, have gone into many countries over the past twenty-four years. We have found that this is one of the most effective ways of disseminating the message of truth and salvation.

There is no greater need among our preachers in other countries than to have access to the written word of God. This is particularly true in emerging nations, sometimes called third world countries. In these countries, the people are hampered because they have no tools with which to do the work of the Lord. They cannot go to a bookstore and buy a Bible, a commentary, or any other Bible literature that would help them learn how to become a Christian or live the Christian Life. People are literally begging us to send them Bible study books, which will help them both in converting their fellow countrymen and strengthening the new Christians. They are also asking for Bibles, New Testaments, song books, Bible concordances, Bible dictionaries and the books that we print (see Publications) covering over 100 subjects. The recipients of our Bible study books want to share them with the millions of people around them. The Bible tracts and books may be read by as many as fifty people and passed along to others “until the print is worn off the pages.”

The Work

After spending several years in the mission field, Guy and Jessie Lee Caskey (see History & Founders) became aware of the need for printed gospel literature to aid in teaching the truth. In 1979, they and other Christians founded Mission Printing with the purpose of fulfilling the charge of Jesus in the Great Commission to preach the gospel to every creature. Over the years, our work has steadily continued to grow and now there are some 100 books and pamphlets printed, consisting of 8 to 400 pages on almost 100 Bible subjects. Millions have been printed and sent to missionaries around the world.

Requests for printed materials continue weekly in the many letters received. Our workers at Mission Printing strive to keep up with this ever-increasing demand. Production has increased significantly over the years. Shipments total multiple tons of Gospel literature to many different nations each year. Last year, we shipped close to 50 tons (that is 100,000 pounds)!

The bulk of these materials is sent primarily to emerging nations, although not exclusively. Other materials are sent to teachers of Bible correspondence courses, and those in this country (USA) who are making efforts to convert sinners in their local areas.


Our work force is comprised of volunteers except for a paid director and an office manager. The amount of work done by our approximately 150 volunteers is difficult to believe. Most of them are over 65 years of age and some are in their 80's and 90's. They have so arranged their schedules, that we have from 10 to 30 people working on any given day (Monday Thursday). The volunteers enjoy working in a pleasant, cordial environment with others whose desire is to help preach the gospel by the printed page all over the world. The enthusiastic support of the volunteer work force who regularly give of their time, talents, energies, knowledge and experience, as well as their money, make this work possible. Behind this endeavor is the fine Christian spirit of willingness, commitment, and genuine joy on the part of each volunteer. The volunteers come from all occupational backgrounds and ages, and most are retired. Some as old as their early nineties have worked regularly. The volunteer helpers come from many places throughout the Dallas — Fort Worth metropolitan area, and as far away as Tyler, Emory and Longview, Texas. Mission Printing is deeply grateful for all the unselfish workers who regularly assist in this work.

Our Facility

Mission Printing is located in Arlington, TX, and our facility has all the equipment necessary to print and ship a large volume of gospel literature each year. The facility also provides adequate accommodations for volunteer workers. There are offices for the volunteer secretaries, two large rooms for collating, where thirty to forty men and women work, stapling, packing and shipping, a dining room for volunteers to eat lunch, and where daily devotionals are held. During these meetings, excerpts are read from letters received from many countries over the world, telling what they have accomplished and their additional need for books and booklets to use in teaching the gospel to their fellow countrymen. These letters are always filled with thanksgiving as well as complimentary statements that are uplifting. Several songs are sung during this period, the sick are prayed for, and many encouraging words come to those who are helping do this work.


Many individuals and congregations support this work through donations. Many make regular monthly donations, and special purpose donations such as memorials. Many are investing in the future of Mission Printing. Some by naming this work in their wills. Some have given paid-up insurance policies, and others have given to an Endowment Fund so that in the future the interest on that money will help pay for necessary operating costs, such as paper, postage, and utilities.

With an ever-increasing demand for our materials, our operating expenses continue to increase. The largest single expense is postage, which is typically about $80,000 a year! However, considering the millions of pages printed and sent all over the world, the overall cost of each book is very small, thanks to our volunteer workforce.

We are totally dependent on donations from our supporters, and Mission Printing is continually in need of financial assistance and volunteer workers. If you can help in this way, or know a friend or brother who is interested in spreading the Good News of Christ, we would be deeply grateful for that help.

The Future

It is the intent of Mission Printing that the gospel in its purity, power and perfection continue to be spread, free from any false theories or doctrines. We plan to continue this work as long as our support continues and the Lord provides a way. The future holds many uncertainties, but of one thing we can be certain, the Lord's work will continue and that the gospel will be taught. After all, the Lord left His church here in the world that we may see to it that it goes to "the uttermost part of the earth."

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