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Books of the New Testament

I Corinthians
II Corinthians
I Thessalonians
II Thessalonians

I Timothy
II Timothy
I Peter
II Peter
I John
II John
III John

Explanation of “Matthew 5:1–6.” “Matthew” is the book to find in the New Testament, “5” is the chapter in Matthew, and “1–6” are the verses to read in chapter 5.

Have you played “Follow the Leader?” One person is the leader and the others follow, doing just what the leader does.

Jesus is our real leader. He is the Son of God. He knows just what we need. He shows us how to live and act. As He leads us, let us follow Him, doing just what He does.

Let us study His word to see how Jesus leads us.




Jesus Went About Doing Good

Jesus made a blind man to see. Mark 8:22–26.
Jesus healed a crippled man. John 5:1–9.
Jesus makes a girl to live again. Mark 5:21–24 and Mark 5:35–43.

Memory Verse: Acts 10:38:
“Jesus went about doing good for God was with him.”

To teacher: Read these scriptures aloud together. Then help your students to retell each story.

Write yes if true; write no if false, on blanks after each sentence.

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Read the sentences aloud, and tell what is needed to make the "no" sentences true.

Draw a picture of you doing a good deed, or one you would like to do.


Class discussion: Why could Jesus do these miracles? What can each of us do to be useful? To do good? Tell the class of someone you saw doing a good deed.

Spend time learning the book of the New Testament in order. Students should learn the written words of these books; that is, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, etc. Learn these five today. Learn the way each is divided into chapters and verses.

Jesus loves you!




Jesus Forgave Others

Jesus forgave the sins of a sick man. Mark 2:1–12.
Jesus forgave a sinful woman. Luke 7:36–50.
Jesus forgave those who crucified Him. Matthew 27:29–31; Luke 23:34.

Read all of the above scriptures aloud together, then retell each story.

Write the correct words in the blanks as you read these sentences. Here are the words you will need.

cross need thorns
feet roof thoughts
forgive room touch
forgiven Simon's walk
four spit  
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Class discussion: When someone has done you a wrong, how can you forget it? After someone has asked you to forgive him, should you talk or think about what he did to you? If a person will not forgive another, who is hurt the most? The unforgiving person or the one who asked for forgiveness?

After you have heard the story of the unforgiving servant (Matthew 18:23-25), draw a picture of the story using stick figures.


Continue to learn the books of the New Testament. Today: Matthew through II Corinthians. Remember the way to learn them: Say them over and over together while you are looking at the words in the front of this book. Then try to say them without looking.

Practice finding these books and certain chapters and verses as your teacher directs.

Jesus loves you!




Jesus Was Humble

Jesus washed His disciples' feet. John 13:4–9.

Jesus would not do a miracle for Herod. Luke 23:7–11.

Two apostles wanted special favors. Mark 10:25–45.

When Jesus was treated badly, He did not hurt anyone. Matthew 26:67–68 and Matthew 27:29–31

Memory verse: James 4:10
“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he will lift you up.”

(Humble means not being proud or haughty; to consider other people.)

Answer these questions with words from the alphabetical list.

cross humble Peter
crown of thorns James Pilate
disciples John pleased
feet left reed
God's life right
great miracle serve
hands mocked served
head no special
Herod not yes

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Jesus cares for you!




Jesus Always Spoke the Truth

Jesus told Nathanael where He was. John 1:43–50.
Jesus told Peter where to find tax money. Matthew 17:24–27.
Jesus healed a servant. Matthew 8:5–13.
Jesus told Peter he would deny Jesus three times. Luke 22:31–34; 55–62.
Jesus foretold His death and resurrection. Matthew 16:21.

Memory verse: James 14:6a
“Jesus said unto him, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.’ ”

One time Jesus was a little boy. One time He was the same age you are right now. Jesus always told the truth. He never told a lie. The Bible tells us Jesus never did anything wrong.

The enemies of Jesus thought He was not telling the truth when he said He was the Son of God. But Jesus would not have told the truth if he had not told them that He was the Son of God.

When Jesus taught the people, He always told the truth, because Jesus is the truth itself. What He said is right and cannot be wrong.

Write yes if the sentence is true; no if the sentence is not true.

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Read the sentences aloud. Look at each sentence that should have “no” written after it. Draw a line under the word or word that make the sentence wrong. Be ready to make the sentences true as you read them.

Class discussion: What does being honest mean? What does it mean to be trustworthy? Do you always keep your promises? Can your family and friends depend on you to do the things you are expected to do?

Who is honest?

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Jesus Was Brave

Jesus drove the traders from the temple. John 2:13–16.
Jesus walked on the water. Matthew 14:22–33.
Jesus was not afraid when He was arrested. John 18:1–9.
Jesus was not afraid to die on the cross. Matthew 16:21; John 19:16–18.

Memory verse: John 14:27
“Jesus said, ‘Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.’ ”

Some of the people criticized Jesus for what He taught, for what He did, and because He ate with sinners, but Jesus knew He was right, so He did not pay any attention to what people though about Him, for He always did what was right.

Underline the correct words in the parentheses ().

  • Jesus went to (Jerusalem, Bethlehem).
  • Jesus went to the (market, temple).
  • In the temple, Jesus found people (praying to God, selling animals).
  • The temple was (the house of God, a place to have fun).
  • Jesus drove them from (the temple, a place to have fun).
  • Jesus asked His disciples to go (by ship, on foot) to the other side of the sea.
  • Jesus went by Himself to a mountain to (preach, pray).
  • The disciples were in a ship (near land, in the middle of the sea).
  • The sea (had big waves, was very still).
  • Going to the ship, Jesus (swam, walked on the water).
  • The disciples were (joyful, afraid) when they saw Jesus walking on the water.
  • Jesus told them (to be of good cheer, they should be ashamed).
  • 14

  • (Peter, John) walked on the water, too.
  • JesusOurLeader_page15pic1 (420 x 225) (37K)
  • Peter began to sink because (he was too heavy, he was afraid).
  • Jesus (caught Peter, let him sink).
  • The wind stopped blowing when (Jesus got in the ship, Peter left the ship).
  • Judas and his helpers came (at night, in the daytime) to arrest Jesus.
  • Jesus (ran from them, told them who He was).
  • These people were so astonished they (fell to the ground, grabbed Jesus).
  • Jesus was (not afraid to die, afraid to die).
  • Jesus (was surprised when He was arrested, knew He would die on the cross).

Class Discussion: Why should we be brave? How often should we do right? Should we care who criticizes us for doing right? Can you think of some times when you were brave? Can you think of some times when you were not brave, but should have been. Is there ever a time we should be afraid? How can we become brave?

Underline the correct answers:

  • I should (take a dare, not take a dare) that would harm me, someone else, or the property of others.
  • If someone calls me “chicken” because I won't take their dare, (I should ignore him, do what he dares me to do).
  • 15

  • (Another person, Nobody) has been given the right to call someone “chicken.”
  • When I refuse to do something wrong that someone dares me to do, I am (brave, chicken).

Print correct words below.

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Continue to learn the books of the New Testament. Today: Matthew through Hebrews.

Jesus loves you!




Jesus Was Obedient

Jesus obeyed his parents. Luke 2:40–52.
Jesus obeyed the laws of the land. Luke 20:19–26.
Jesus obeyed his heavenly Father. John 6:38; Matthew 3:13–17; Luke 22:41–42.

Memory verse: Hebrews 5:8
“Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered”

Write yes in each blank if the sentence is true; no if the sentence is not true.

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Read Ephesians 6:1; I Peter 2:13–14; Hebrews 5:9.

Class Discussion: Why should we obey those mentioned above? What would it be like if no children obey the school rules? What would your home be like if no one there obeyed the rules? Should a person be allowed to choose the rules or laws he wants to obey and disobey the ones he does not like? Why?

Continue learning the books of the New Testament. Today: Matthew through II Peter.

Jesus wants to be your leader!




Jesus Was Unselfish

Jesus fed 5000 people. Matthew 14:10–21.
Jesus stopped a storm. Mark 4:35–41.
Jesus had no place to lay His head. Matthew 8:20.
Jesus died for us.

Memory verse: John 6:38
“For I came down from heaven, not to do my own will, but the will of him who sent me.”

When God made the world, Jesus was in heaven with God. Jesus was living in heaven with all of its beauty and pleasures. He gave up all of that to come to earth to be born as a baby, to grow as you are growing, and to become a man. He knew he would suffer here on earth. He knew there would be pain and sorrow. He knew He would have enemies who would put Him to death on the cross. But, still, He was so unselfish that He was willing to go through these things for you and me. He wanted to show us how to live so we might be happy here and go to heaven when we die. He died on the cross that we might be saved.

All through Jesus' life He was unselfish. He did not seek His own good or pleasure. He was always concerned about others.

Write the correct words from the list below in the blanks.

1.  afraid 8.  God 15. still
2.  asleep 9.  heaven 16. twelve
3.  awoke 10. hungry 17. two
4.  died 11. lay 18. unselfish
5.  disciples 12. sins 19. waves
6.  fed 13. saying 20. will
7.  five thousand 14. send 21. five

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4.  Sue had been looking forward all day to watching her favorite television show as soon as she got home from school. When she reached home, her mother told her she was needed to take some food to her sick grandmother who lived eight blocks away. Sue realized this was necessary and she loved her grandmother very much, so she gladly missed her television show.

Class Discussion: Do you know someone who is really unselfish? Tell the class about them. Why is it good for us to be unselfish?

Draw a picture of someone doing an unselfish deed. Use stick figures.


Continue to learn the books of the New Testament. Today: Matthew through Revelation.

Jesus loves you!
He wants you to be unselfish!




Jesus Loves Everyone

Jesus loved those that others despised. Luke 19:1–10.
Jesus loved His mother. John 19:25–27.
Jesus made a blind man to see. Mark 10:46–52.
Jesus loved His enemies. Luke 23:34.

Memory verse: I John 4:19
“We love him, because he first loved us.”

Underline the correct word or words in each sentence.

  • Zacchaeus was chief among the (rulers, publicans).
  • A publican is a (tax collector, road builder).
  • The people (did not, did) like publicans.
  • Zacchaeus wanted to see (Peter, Jesus).
  • He was a (short, tall) man.
  • Zacchaeus could not see Jesus above the (people, trees).
  • To see Jesus, he climbed a (pine, sycamore) tree.
  • When Jesus came to that tree, he looked up and (saw, did not see) Zacchaeus.
  • JesusOurLeader_page24pic1 (280 x 203) (19K)
  • Jesus went to (the temple, Zacchaeus' house).
  • Zacchaeus said he would do what is (wrong, right).
  • Jesus (blessed, rebuked) Zacchaeus.
  • 24

  • Jesus loved Zacchaeus because He (Jesus) came to save those who are (lost, saved).
  • Even when Jesus was suffering on the cross, he thought of (his mother, himself).
  • He asked (John, Peter) to look after her.
  • John took Mary, the mother of Jesus, into his own house (to live, to visit).
  • Bartimaeus was (blind, lame).
  • He sat on the side of the road (singing, begging).
  • When he knew Jesus was coming, he asked for (mercy, bread).
  • He wanted Jesus to give him (his eyesight, money).
  • The people thought he should (keep quiet, walk to Jesus).
  • When he told Jesus he wanted to see, Jesus said, (“Your faith has made you whole”, “I don't want to do anything for you”).
  • Bartimaeus was able to see (in two days, at once).
  • He (followed, left) Jesus.
  • Jesus (loved, hated) those who crucified Him.
  • He asked God to (forgive, punish) His enemies.
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  • He who created the world.
  • You and me.
  • The one who died for us.
  • You and me.
  • Opposite of my.
  • Those who hate you.

Continue to repeat the books of the New Testament. Find different books, chapters, and verses as your teachers direct you.

Jesus loves you!
He wants you to love, too!




Jesus Gave

Jesus gave his time to help others. John 11:1–46.
Jesus gave His time to bless children. Mark 10:13–16.
Jesus gave His life for everyone. Matthew 27:26–50.
Jesus teaches us to give to others. Matthew 25:34–40.

Memory verse: Luke 6:38a
“Give and it shall be given unto you.”

Write the correct words in the blanks. Use the words in the list below.

arms Jesus (3 times) spit
blessed live strangers
children Martha thieves
clothes Mary thirsty
cried mocked thorns
doed nailed two
displeased others vinegar
four prayed whipped
give prison hands
receive hungry sick (2 times)
six four live

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Continue to repeat the books of the New Testament and find the books, chapters, and verses as your teacher directs.

Jesus loves and cares for you!




Write the answers to these riddles. You may use the following words:

Bartimaeus Jesus Peter
fish John sold
Herod Lazarus Zacchaeus
Jairus' daughter Nathanael James

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List at least nine ways that Jesus is our leader.

1.  Jesus was

Can you now say all the books of the New Testament in order? Do you know the word for each one? Can you find any book that your teacher calls for? Do this again.

Jesus loves you!
He want to be your leader!
He wants you to follow him!


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